Quick Chain, the Commercial Blockchain Infrastructure Features in Quickness, Safety and Anonymity

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2019 / The hot topic about public chain in last year finally became the competition of token price. The price of most tokens is speculated by concepts, however till today, it has gotten half-cut and even reached the bottom line. This bleak reality illustrates that the development of public chain has deviated from the correct track.

At present, there are some problems in the blockchain industry, such as weak technical foundation and lack of liquidity, which have been questioned in terms of its commercial landing ability. Taking Ethereum as the representative, it is very difficult to deal with trading volume per second, which is far from meeting the demand on commercial scale.


Quick Chain (www.quickchain.pro) is from the United States and its core team is composed of experts in the fields of Internet security and blockchain, including early researchers of Bitcoin, information security, AI, big data and so on.

The Quick Chain team has been well prepared for technological innovation in order to build a truly usable commercial blockchain infrastructure.

1. Sharding

Quick Chain’s data sharding is a solution of dynamic partition validation transaction, which allows the user to choose fragment to execute his own transaction, and allows block to process to proceed in parallel. Quick Chain uses this “on-chain” solution to distribute transaction loads through multiple network computers, allows more transactions to be confirmed at the same time and it achieves the effect of sharding.

2. Anonymous

To ensure anonymity of transactions, Quick Chain adopts features of cryptocurrencies such as Monroe and Zcash, through zero-knowledge proof and ring signatures, Quick Chain designed high-efficiency and high-security methods that guarantee transaction anonymity and privacy to meet the privacy needs of different scenarios. At the underlaying communication layer with P2P network nodes, Quick Chain has adopted the existing TOR anonymous network and taken advantages of the distributed content sharing network of the blockchain, and realizes an original anonymous P2P communication network. This unconditional anonymity meets the needs of privacy protection in many application scenarios.

3. Cross Chain

Quick Chain has a cross-chain blockchain mechanism that introduces the messenger and verifier roles for communication and transaction confirmation. It encapsulates the on-chain function as a pluggable block and thus provides room for fault tolerance. Quick Chain will interact with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchain systems. It can be compatible with the existing public chains and alliance chains in the form of sidechains to realize practical applications. Moreover, it will also form a natural multi-level cross-chain structure to share digital assets, users and information in line with cross-chain interaction.

Up to now, Quick Chain has been basically developed and plans to enter the final testing phase in May 2019. Next, the team will continue to optimize module instructions and main network, develop industry solutions, and make it easier for developers to use Quick Chain for development, as well as let Quick Chain become one of the top commercial blockchain infrastructures.

QuickChain Official Website: www.quickchain.pro

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