Well-known Actress Wu Motong Expressed Her Support for Huawei, Hikvision was Reported by Many Domestic Media

CANNES, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2019 / According to Bloomberg, the U.S. House of Representatives on May 24, local time, at 351: Sixty-six votes passed a bill attributable to the annual Defense Policy Act, calling on President Trump not to weaken sanctions against ZTE. It also prohibits U.S. government agencies from using ZTE’s manufacturing equipment and technology on national security grounds, as well as cooperation between the U.S. Department of Defense and Chinese suppliers.Domestic manufacturers of wireless communication equipment are also on the banned list.The proposal includes an additional proposal to prohibit the US federal government from purchasing video surveillance equipment supplied by Chinese manufacturers on the grounds of national security. Hikvison, a major domestic video surveillance company, is included in the proposal. In response to this, Hikvison issued a statement today, saying, “The proposal to prohibit the federal government from purchasing video surveillance equipment from Chinese-funded enterprises such as Hikvison is not based on facts and evidence, and the accusations of the sponsors are obviously subjective and biased.”

Wu Motong, a new generation actress, appeared on the red carpet for the 72nd anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival on May 15, wearing a wax-dyed light blue gradient dress to show off the red carpet, with a touch of girlhood in her fairy air and elegant and poetic dress layers; red headdresses, earrings and fans echoed with red lips, attracting extra eyes; the sleeve label of “mayor” on her arm earned eyeballs to carry the national customs to the end.

In an interview with Phoenix other media, she expressed her support for Hikvison, which had recently been blacklisted by the United States: Hikvison is accused of being a commercial company, which sticks to its business responsibilities just like Huawei and ZTE, which also suffer from blacklist treatment.

On the red carpet for the 72nd anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, Wu Motong fulfilled her promise to attend in a batik dress of Danzhai. Under the magnesia lamp of the world, the beauty of Eastern women’s gracefulness and Chinese traditional culture was presented, so that more people could understand the infinite charm of Danzhai batik and Chinese national culture.

It is reported that Wu Motong has played Princess Zhaoning in Gujian Qitan II and Wu Shuang in New Xiaoshilang, and has performed well in popular TV dramas such as I am Dulala and The Road to Victory.She is expected to go farther and farther along the road of performing arts, and more actors are expected to join the ranks of bringing national culture to the world stage.

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