AONE team launched a new LOGO, to meet new challenges with a new look!

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 21, 2019 /
Four years ago, the AONE technical team was established. Since then, the AONE team has gone through 1460 days and nights developed from nothing. At first, the team just research the development of block chain, then they successfully developed MGC TOKEN. During this period, AONE team went through a lot of hardships beyond imagination. In order to continue to show a better MGC TOKEN and have a better research on block chain technology, AONE team completely upgraded the LOGO!

The old logo of the AONE team, which has accompanied you for nearly four years, will no longer be used, and will be replaced by a more dynamic “MGC TOKEN-AONE” image. The new AONE LOGO not only represents the AONE team, but also symbolizes the inseparable relationship between MGC TOKEN and AONE team. M stands for MGC TOKEN and AONE stands for AONE team. MAONE not only means the inseparable relationship between MGC TOKEN and AONE team, but also indicates that MGC TOKEN will lead a new era of science and technology. From the LOGO full of sense of science and technology, we can see that MGC TOKEN and AONE technology team will not stop here. In the future, MGC TOKEN will be more secure and more in line with the trend of the times. The three-dimensional letters also indicate that MGC TOKEN will be more substantial, and MGC TOKEN will speed up launch of the applications.

In order to present a brand-new image of AONE team, we invited the first-class designers in the world to carry out brand positioning and style analysis. At the same time, we had several ideas of image design. After determining the final design direction, we made more than a dozen editions of design modifications and details improvement. After three months, “MGC TOKEN-AONE” was born.

Along with LOGO of AONE team, the team member of BG-MF and AONE team also updated. At the same time, MGC TOKEN APP system also updated. BG-MF and AONE team will work together with MGC TOKEN to present a new look in public.

In the future, BG-MF and AONE technology team will continue to make efforts to make MGC TOKEN a universal digital asset storage platform, and make the application not far away. It will create a global decentralized business financial ecosystem, which is just the beginning!

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