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SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2019 / Bitsdaq, AsiaGlobal’s cryptocurrency exchange’s first IEO has begun trading on 12th June. BQQQ got off to a flying start, the price of BQQQ increased to 0.0165. Bitsdaq expects this to steadily rise in the coming days as they bring users, exciting announcements, additional token utility, user base, increased adoption and upcoming IEOs and reward services.

The recent BQQQ IEO is oversubscribed within a few seconds in all three phases, raising a total of 750,000 USDT instead of the original target of 500,000 USDT. Ricky Ng, founder and CEO of Bitsdaq thanked users for their affirmation, and Bitsdaq announced the BQQQ buyback-and-burn program and start the BQQQ trading rewards campaign.

“We would like to thank all the Bitsdaq users who have been supporting us, BQQQ is becoming the most influential exchange token. We announce our buyback program and start the BQQQ trading rewards campaign, hoping to bring more opportunities to developers, entrepreneurs, investors. Bitsdaq Launchpad will also launch the first project to be subscribed with BQQQ, and we will be listing five international quality projects soon”

Bitsdaq will buyback and burn BQQQ with 20% of its quarterly profit until the total supply is 1 billion. Bitsdaq will also publish the buyback record as soon as it is done. Supporters would be able to verify the BQQQ buyback through the blockchain explorer.

Bitsdaq has accumulated more than 2 million registered users in months and ranked third after Binance and Coinbase in website traffic to global digital currency exchanges, with 11.4 million monthly visits. Additionally, Bitsdaq has received applications from hundreds of IEO projects after the launch of the Launchpad. Bitsdaq has over 100,000 community members globally , and the candy token BXBC is held by over 2 million active wallet addresses. Last but not least, BQQQ IEO has been given a rare high score of 8.5/10 by the world’s leading blockchain rating website CryptoPotato.

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Bitsdaq is a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset platform operating in Asia and built on cutting edge trading technology. The company provides opportunities and solutions for customers who want access to a broader selection of digital assets on a secure and reliable platform.


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