Dividend Finance and Sense Partner to Offer Solar Installers a New Approach to Engaging Customers Through Home Energy Monitoring

has partnered with Sense
to offer home energy monitoring to its nationwide network of solar
installation partners. Through the partnership, solar providers can
enroll in the Dividend-Sense program and purchase Sense energy monitors
at a discount based on the combined buying power of the extensive
Dividend network.

Solar installers that integrate Sense into their product offerings see
more customer engagement during the critical pre-installation period,
maximizing sales conversion and customer satisfaction. In general, U.S.
homeowners may wait weeks or even months for their solar systems to be
permitted and installed. When the Sense monitor is deployed early in the
process, either before or during solar installation, homeowners
understand their home energy usage immediately, and are more energy
efficient by the time the system is commissioned. This ensures that the
customer will realize the full savings benefit of their solar system.

For solar installers, Sense focuses customer attention on total energy
savings, which leads to better close rates and happier customers. After
installation, Sense can help increase follow-on referrals and reduce the
high cost of customer acquisition.

“Dividend continues to play a pivotal leadership role in the industry
with their forward-thinking approach to solar. Together, we are setting
the bar higher for all solar installers. We’re helping installers sell
solar more effectively as they transition to becoming whole home energy
providers, so they can diversify their revenue streams, create better
customer outcomes and grow sustainably,” said Gabe
, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Sense.

An award-winning smart home energy monitor, Sense tracks energy activity
so homeowners can save money and make their homes safer and more
reliable. The Sense Solar app
shows solar production and energy consumption in real time while
tracking the activity and energy usage of individual devices in the
home. With Sense, homeowners can save money on their energy bill and get
a better return on their solar investment.

With insights from Sense device data, Dividend can help solar providers
to identify opportunities for home energy efficiency improvements that
help customers save even more. For instance, Sense can provide highly
detailed load profiles to help installers assess the viability of an
energy storage system.

The combination of insights from Sense data and Dividend’s home
improvement financing helps installers broaden their energy related
services confidently. For example, HVAC systems vary widely in their
energy demands, depending on system configuration, installation and
resident behavior. Using Sense data, installers can detect potential
problems and recommend more efficient HVAC upgrades, which can be
financed through a Dividend home improvement loan.

“At Dividend, we recognize that the industry is evolving beyond solar to
provide a suite of energy efficient solutions for home improvement,”
says Paul
, VP of Business Development at Dividend Finance. “Through our
partnership with Sense, we are able to give solar customers greater
visibility into how their consumption patterns change, and where they
can further minimize their family’s carbon footprint.”

About Dividend

Dividend is a leading national provider of renewable energy and
energy-efficiency financing solutions for property owners through a
suite of residential solar, home improvement and Commercial PACE
financing products. The Company pioneered the residential solar
financing landscape in 2014 with the launch of its EmpowerLoan product
for financing residential solar installations and continues to expand
its product offerings into the home improvement market. In addition to
its industry-leading suite of financial products, Dividend has developed
a comprehensive technology platform for installation partners and
homeowners to streamline the financing process and manage financed
project fulfillment. Learn more by visiting https://www.dividendfinance.com.

About Sense Labs

Sense is the first company to give consumers engaging, real-time
analytics on energy consumption in their homes right on their mobile
devices. Its mission is to make all homes intelligent through its
“fitness tracker for the home,” helping consumers save money and live
safer with more energy-efficient households. Founded in 2013 by pioneers
in speech recognition, Sense uses machine learning technology to provide
real-time insights on device behavior, even for those devices that are
not “smart.” Customers rely on Sense for a wide range of uses including
monitoring their home appliances, determining whether they left
appliances running and identifying major energy drains in their home so
they can substantially reduce their energy costs. Sense is headquartered
in Cambridge, Mass. To make sense of your energy, visit: https://sense.com.


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