FortifID Mitigates Risk Exposure for MTSA Facilities and Vessels

Subscription Offering Now Available For Electronic TWIC Inspections

AUDUBON, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2019 / Magnar,
a JPW company
, is pleased to announce the release of FortifID – a portable, wireless reader that electronically authenticates and validates the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), used by MTSA facilities and vessels. FortifID displays a clear pass/fail inspection result in less than four seconds thereby reducing operational, business and compliance risk by improving the consistency of TWIC inspections.

FortifID from Magnar on Vimeo.

FortifID is available on an affordable monthly subscription basis, is backed by Magnar’s no-hassle warranty, and includes all hardware, software, and ongoing maintenance and support. FortifID is also the first and only TWIC reader on the market to include complimentary hardware upgrades when the equipment reaches the end of its useful life.

FortifID is an innovative solution designed for Maritime Transportation Safety Act (MTSA) facilities and vessels that suffer from the challenges of the visual TWIC inspection process,” stated John Wristbridge, President of JPW Associates. “It reduces operational, business and compliance risk by improving the consistency of TWIC inspections. Unlike other TWIC readers on the market, the FortifID enhances security without compromising affordability and convenience.”

FortifID’s encrypted cellular network and automation features deliver a truly wireless solution that is secure and convenient. Through daily updates of the 20 Canceled Card List, FortifID ensures that facilities and vessels avoid granting access to individuals that have been blacklisted by the Department of Homeland Security. Its random screening feature also helps prevent illegal stereotyping by notifying guards when to screen an individual at different MARSEC (maritime security) levels. The FortifID 360 portal then captures all reader data, allowing Facility Security Officers to view access logs from a desktop or mobile device for demonstrating United States Coast Guard compliance in real-time.

“FortifID is a game changer when it comes to mitigating dangerous and costly security risk exposure,” stated Edward Seebald, President of Seebald & Associates International, an industry leader in maritime security. “Our facility security auditors observe inconsistent and incomplete TWIC inspections at facilities across America. This means Facility Security Plan (FSP) non-compliance. When you consider that an adverse event or history of non-compliance can result in fines upward of $33,000 per violation per day, not to mention the risk to employees and operations, FortifID seems an obvious choice to both reduce the vulnerability to, and the consequences of, a security incident.”

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