Ninth Grade Dropout Geoff Hughes Disrupts Traditional Education By Sparking Mindset Hacking Revolution

Hughes is Launching an Online Course That Teaches People How to Use the Power of their Minds to Achieve their Goals and Dreams

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2019 / Geoff Hughes, a successful entrepreneur who wants to help others to succeed, is pleased to announce that he is launching an online course that will teach people how to use the power of their minds to achieve their goals and dreams.

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As Hughes noted, while he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and now brings in 7 figures a year, life has not always been easy for him.

“Since I was a kid, I was always having to overcome obstacles as I was raised by a single mom who was on welfare. I never knew who my father was so I didn’t grow up with people that I could model for success,” he said, adding that he stopped going to school as a young teenager, dropping out in the ninth grade.

As he got older, Hughes started working in “meaningless, dead end 9-5 jobs.” He struggled to provide for himself and his family and he ultimately declared bankruptcy.

Despite his challenges, Hughes said he always knew that he could “be more, do more and achieve more.” After finding a successful mentor and learning the ropes about email marketing, Hughes earned $1.4 million after just one year.

“While the financial gain was impressive, what mattered more was the shift in my identity and how it changed the vision for my future,” he said.

Now, with the launch of his alternative to adult education classes that focus on teaching people how to achieve success, Hughes is looking forward to helping others to turn their lives around and enjoy happiness and economic prosperity. As part of launching the new online course, Hughes will also travel the world speaking at entrepreneurial events.

“A few years ago, I came to the realization that if I could achieve this, anyone could. I’ve become incredibly passionate about sharing this system with normal, everyday people so that they can experience the freedom and the lifestyle they’ve always wanted,” Hughes said.

About Geoff Hughes:

Geoff Hughes is a highly successful entrepreneur who loves teaching people how to unlock the power of their mind and create successful lifestyle businesses. For more information, please visit


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