OnlineTenders Talks About Trends in Tendering

An innovative leader in the tender space, OnlineTenders provides five trends that can help businesses and contractors from any industry add more value to their bids and win tenders online

PIETERMARITZBURG, SOUTH AFRICA / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2019 / As an innovative leader in the tender space, OnlineTenders is pleased to announce the five latest trends in tendering. As OnlineTenders’ Managing Director, Avinash Samlall commented, “Businesses that have their eyes set on the future are the ones that actually build a better future for themselves. In our case, staying on top of the latest tendering trends is how any contractor can stay on top of their game and win more contracts.”

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As Mr. Samlall noted, the five trends that can help businesses and contractors from any industry add more value to their bids and win more of these are:

  • More Focus on Whole of Life Considerations

An increasing number of buyers are coming out of their “short-sightedness”. As they focus on longer term tender box savings, they are now more vigilant towards potential hidden costs. Buyers are becoming more responsible as they are more aware of whole-of-life costs.

  • Diminishing Price Weight

The cheapest bid is no longer treated as the best option of the lot. This trend is increasingly favoring tender bids that provide a balance of economic, social and environmental benefits. Price weights are going down in RFTs, whereas the value of quality and innovation rises.

  • More Opportunities for All Business Sizes

Smart buyers are proactively trying to provide numerous opportunities for businesses of all sizes. They are realizing that this is the best way to guarantee sustainable and healthy competition in supplier markets.

  • Personalized RFTs are not Cookie-Cutter

The day and age for cookie-cutter RFTs are all but over. Each contract is unique with its special opportunities and risks. Contractors can add value in unique ways, which means they should customize information for every job. An increasing number of buyers are asking tender-specific questions to get the information they need. They are spending more time planning their procurement and asking questions that lets them identify the best bidders from just the good ones.

  • Innovation Equals Premium

As Mr. Samlall notes, “The love for innovation is cutting across industries. And a business with innovation in its DNA, no matter the industry or niche, can command a premium at the tender box.” Even governments are encouraging and pursuing innovation in their state contracts, he added.

OnlineTenders is hopeful that its users will adapt their tendering initiatives in light of these trends. The platform combines the power of digital tendering with industry knowledge and advice to help more contractors across South Africa win more contracts with minimal hassle.

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Founded in March 2007 and based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, OnlineTenders is a trusted tender notification service throughout Africa. Each day, new opportunities are listed from all levels of government and private sector companies throughout South Africa and Africa. Using hi-tech online Internet software, tenders and business leads are collected and classified by industry type, keywords and regions to match exactly the kind of tenders relevant to a business. Learn more about the OnlineTenders at

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