Red Shield Protection Offers Scalable Auto Insurance Programs

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2019 / In terms of cost that a vehicle owner may incur, insurance will be right up there after gas expenses. This is why Red Shield Protection decided to offer scalable insurance coverage programs in the first place to give consumers more options.

People think that the insurance industry needs more transparency. And there’s probably some truth to this statement as there are some shady insurance companies out there that are out to make a quick buck.

On the other hand, computing the cost of your insurance can be complicated but the coverage cost is not just an imaginary number that an evaluator will pull out of thin air. Motorists already know that their records on the road, the type of vehicle, as well as their location will impact on the cost of the premium.

However, insurance companies also take into account other variables like employment stability, for instance, as well as the overall credit score.

With Red Shield Protection, the auto protection plans are sorted into three basic programs:

Select Shield — Customers have the option of choosing between new and used coverage. The terms can range up to 100,000 miles and from one to six years. The Select Shield plan has the following options:

  • Wrap: covers all the parts and components that are not specified in the car warranty

  • Premier: covers all parts and components except for a very small list of items, specified in the contract

  • Premium: covers very specific items in the engine, transmission/transaxle, transfer case, drive axles, turbo/supercharger, AC/heater, steering, suspension, electrical, fuel system, seals/gaskets, and brake system

  • Powertrain: all the components in the vehicle’s powerplant, excluding a very small list of items listed in the contract

Shield Guard — The Shield Guard will provide protection for vehicles that have exceeded 100,000 miles on their odometers. The coverage is essentially the same as the Select Shield except this option is geared toward older vehicles.

Essentials — The Essentials protection plan is designed to give car owners an option to take short-term contracts for their vehicles. Red Shield’s Essentials have options to cover liability from as short as three months or as long as nine months. Because of their nature, the Essentials present a more affordable option for motorists.

All these plans were developed by Red Shield to ensure maximum coverage for its clients’ vehicles. All plans cover limits of liability of up to $12,500 or the actual cash value, depending on which cost is greater.

On the other hand, Red Shield also has a protection plan for motorcycles. As you know, motorcycle owners expose themselves to more risk because they don’t have the protection provided by an enclosed cab. In fact, according to data, motorcycle-related fatalities are 28 times higher compared to motor vehicles on a per mile basis.

Also, motorcycles tend to suffer more abuse compared to cars. For some reason, some owners don’t really give them more attention in terms of maintenance compared to cars. Bad driving habits will accelerate the lifespan for the motorcycle parts and components, as well.

The Red Shield Sports Premier is designed to give motorcycle lovers the protection they need whenever they are on the road. The plan covers virtually all components and parts outside of the warranty, except for a very few select items specified in the service contract.


For more information about Red Shield, you may visit our Phoenix Office at Suite 410, 120 N. 44th Street. We also have an office in Kansas at 5350 College Boulevard, Overland Park. You may also contact (888) 740-6170. Our friendly customer staff is on standby to answer all your questions regarding the different protection plans.


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