The first time! Disclosure! Of MGC TOKEN Technical Team! Ended! Rumors in market!

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 21, 2019 /
Recently, in the face of market rumors the MGC TOKEN AONE technical team invited the media to have interview in the working center of MGC TOKEN AONE technical team for the first time.

The team leader of MGC TOKEN AONE warmly welcomed the reporters came to visit. The leader led the reporters to visit the main departments of MGC TOKEN. The leader firstly led the reporter to visit the customer service department, which is mainly responsible for dealing with the feedback emails from the official website of MGC TOKEN APP. They categorize the emails, respond to the feedbacks of the customers, sort out the feedbacks and submit them to the staffs of the technical department and the network maintenance department. Customer service department is the solid backing of technical department and network maintenance department. Technical department and network maintenance department adjust and update the system according to feedbacks from customer service department.

Then the reporter visited the technical department, which is divided into two parts. One is responsible for giving the optimal plan, the other is responsible for updating the system. The technical department have a tough work, who are the core of the whole MGC TOKEN and reliance of the whole system of MGC TOKEN to ensure stable operation.

With the guiding of leader, the reporter then came to the trading department. Trading department is mainly responsible for recording the market operation, including download and registrations amount of the APP, real-time fluctuations of MGC coin and market conditions. The trading department is the eye of the whole MGC TOKEN, who always paying attention to the latest developments of MGC TOKEN.

After visiting the trading department, the reporter came to the network maintenance department. The network maintenance department is mainly responsible for the minor problems of the system in daily operation and updating and maintaining system with colleagues of the technical department at emergency time. They are the logistics department of the whole MGC TOKEN.

Finally, the reporter came to the technical director’s office and interviewed the technical director.

Reporter: MGC TOKEN has encountered some difficulties recently. Have MGC TOKEN been systematically evaluated that whether such a long period of investment in R&D could conquer these difficulties or not?

Alfredo: It should be said that the problems we may encounter today have been predicted when we carried out R&D. We have been preparing for a long time. We are not totally hasty and unprepared to deal with this situation. These difficulties will have an impact on us, but not great impact. And there will be no major problems.

Reporter: In the current environment, how do you understand the significance of update for MGC TOKEN?

Alfredo: I think that science and technology are the common wealth of human beings. We must step on the shoulders of our predecessors, so that we can shorten the process of reaching the global leading position. As the frontier of block chain technology, only by constantly updating, could MGC TOKEN deals with the attacks from hackers all around the world easily. Science and technology are progressing, and our MGC TOKEN is also progressing.

Reporter: I would like to ask, what is MGC TOKEN’s worst plan for this incident?

Alfredo: We are not much influenced by the changes outside. Because we are confident that our products are better than others so that users have no better choices. Let me give you an example: How many wallets that can support so many mainstream currencies in the world? MGC TOKEN is the best one. There has been no application launched yet in the world, but MGC TOKEN has planned ahead of schedule. Among those who could do this in the world, there must have MGC TOKEN! Some people say that they want to invest in encrypted currency but could not realize due to lack of money, then how to deal with it? We MGC TOKEN offers a solution to this small group of investors with very low threshold so that we could give them enough opportunities. For those who defamed us, of course they can choose not to use our APP. Our technical breakthroughs not only create more opportunities for us in the market, but also bring more supports for survival. So we are not as worried as the outside imagines.

Reporter: For a long time, the most common accusation of token wallet is stealing intellectual property rights and changing in form but not in content. What do you think of this topic?

Alfredo: I can’t represent all token wallets, but only MGC TOKEN. In fact, token wallets are essentially the same. They are all developed based on block chain technology. The most important thing is innovation. We absolutely respect the intellectual property rights of other tokens, but our MGC TOKEN is definitely more innovative than other wallets.

Reporter: I have been a reporter in the UK for many years. In my impression, it is the first time that MGC TOKEN invited us to interview besides large events. Many media have said that it is a rare arrangement for MGC TOKEN to meet reporters today and it is to deal with the rare and special difficulties faced by MGC TOKEN. I wonder if you agree with this assessment? What message is the main purpose of this arrangement?

Alfredo: First of all, meeting with media is forced by the public relations department. They said that during this period, we should convey confidence to employees and hundreds of thousands of users, let them know more about us and trust us, and at the same time make the community relax. In fact, we did not encounter much difficulties. You may not have participated in our internal meetings. The meetings were full of excitement without any feeling of big problems. But the outside does not know, so we need to convey some confidence and let these leaders give a speech to make some efforts. So, meeting with the media is to convey a confidence to the community, and also to convey some beliefs to the Chinese market. We have not run away as some articles said. And we are still trying to update MGC TOKEN, please rest assured.

Reporter: What do you think is the main difficulty of MGC TOKEN?

Alfredo: We feel that except for difficulties, there are always difficulties. Nothing is not difficulty.

Reporter: Could you tell us something about international business? What are the plans for MGC TOKEN to expand the international business?

Alfredo: There has been no change. We will do as what did in the past. If you want to focus more on confidence, please pay attention to the meeting in Thailand on June 28th.

Reporter: What areas will MGC TOKEN focus on?

Alfredo: We will not change the current direction and enter those unfamiliar areas. At present, the security and stability of the system are still the main issues. Later, we will pay more attention to applications.

Reporter: Is the success of consumer business accidental?

Alfredo: As you all know, now is the era of block chain development. The world will become a block chain society. How does the block chain society perceive? It perceives with the application of block chain. So, the future of MGC TOKEN is still very bright. Wallet is only an area, and our goal is not limited to only this one.

Reporter: What do you want the fans of the global block chain to think about MGC TOKEN? What kind of image do you want MGC TOKEN to have overseas?

Alfredo: I think that the global block chain fans should have more patience and tolerance. MGC TOKEN is still at the early stage with many imperfections in many aspects. But we have been working hard. So, I hope all MGC TOKEN users can be a little more patient. I hope MGC TOKEN will have a better development in the world, which could become a leader in the era of block chain and the next “Bitcoin”.

Through this interview, we have known that even though MGC TOKEN has experienced setbacks, they did not take them into account from the attitude of leaders and staffs. We believe that they have already had a solution. Let’s look forward to the future development of MGC TOKEN!

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