bioMDplus Makes a Bold Move to Provide Only Third-Party Lab-Tested CBD Products

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2020 / bioMD+, one of the most trusted manufacturers of full-spectrum CBD oil and other products, has expressed its concerted efforts to provide only third-party, lab-tested products. This move comes as an acknowledgment of how imperative it is to give patients and other CBD product users with the best quality medication.

Since the company kick-started the manufacture of CBD products, its aim has always been to offer products that comply fully with all federal laws and regulations. The recent move to pass all its products through third-party lab testing is part of the company’s efforts to enhance quality assurance. Everything on offer at bioMD+ is GMO-free, vegan, and free of pesticides.

Third-party testing involves sending a sample of a product to an independent testing company. The company runs its tests from scratch before delivering the results. The testing process guarantees safety, purity, and verifies the potency of each product. It also enables buyers to get accurate concentrations, as indicated on the label.

With bioMD+ seeking to provide some of the most affordable full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures, third-party testing is a step towards achieving improved quality guarantees. As explained at:, the company has incorporated advanced science together with natural and organic ingredients to create powerful medications.

The federal legalization of hemp has led to the emergence of many manufacturers. This proliferation has brought severe challenges related to the integrity of the CBD products on the market today. bioMD+ seeks to give confidence to its clients by taking its products through third-party lab testing. These measures help to assure the consumers that the items they are purchasing have undergone thorough scrutiny by an independent body.

According to government regulations, health supplements, foods, and cosmetics must undergo testing for efficacy and safety. Such products must gain verification before they make it to public stores for sale. They must also exhibit proper labelling to enable buyers to make informed decisions.

bioMD+ is in line with the government’s vision of ensuring that every person who purchases CBD products for health reasons gets the best quality. The company has implemented the necessary measures to ensure all its products go through third-party lab testing.

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