How to Protect Your Business from the Top six Cyber Attacks?

Have you ever come across a situation when you were unable to locate confidential information in your system? Your business data has been hacked. In simple terms, a cyber attack is an attack launched by one computer against multiple devices. These occur in two forms; the first one is to disable the computer or knock it offline. The second one is to gain admin access on another computer. In the year 2017, cyberattacks have affected 3.27 million in UAE, and the businesses have suffered huge losses due to these attacks.

Top Cyber Attacks Businesses Experience

Everyday business experience the top six cyber attacks, and cybersecurity awareness training has become the need of the hour. Some of them have been listed below:
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Denial of Service
  • Man in the middle
  • Cryptojacking
  • SQL Injection
  • Zero-day exploits

If you come across any of them it is time to resolve the issues before they hamper your business.

Raising Cybersecurity Awareness from Top Six Cyber Attacks

Raising Cybersecurity awareness is one way to combat the breach of data taking place every single day. You can execute the following steps to keep your data protected from top six cyber attacks:

Secure your hardware 

Businesses emphasize recent and most sophisticated cybersecurity software. In these cases, the hardware is overlooked, which is the real cause of concern. Protect your confidential data with a complicated password. Only the one using the device should know the password. Try to memorize the password instead of writing it down on a piece of paper for memorization. One of the most effective ways of using a system is by attaching it with the desks; this prevents the intruders from walking away with the systems which have sensitive information. Install “Find My Device” on your system so that it is easy to track the device when you cannot find it.

Work on Encryption and Data backup

Data encryption is one of the most effective cybercrime protection strategies. In this technique, the data is declared useless when it falls into the wrong hands. Everything, including the customer information and the business data, stays safe when encryption is performed on each one of them. Full disk encryption software is installed on every operating system so that your device remains protected while it is in rest mode. Ensure that the software is activated and updated from time to time. Enable sleep or lock mode of the device instead of leaving it unattended for an extended period.

Stay Ahead by backing up data.

You can retrieve the lost information in no time by keeping a data backup. Hackers who perform Ransomware attacks lock the businesses out of their systems. They generally ask them to pay the Ransom, to which they have to agree to get the data back. Keep a backup of your data and store it separately.

Enroll in Cybersecurity training

The practice of keeping the data of the organization starts with you. You can organize cybersecurity training for your employees. By spending some money, you are just keeping the sensitive information about your company protected from intruders. Your workforce becomes the strongest line of defense when these attacks take place. Invest once and reap the long-lasting benefits from it.

Invest in Cybersecurity Insurance

Hackers are always finding ways to develop more advanced softwares to breach users’ sensitive information. Even the most secure businesses are under the threat of cyber attacks. An investment in cybersecurity insurance can help to combat cyberattacks to a great extent. It is sad to note that only 9 to 15 percent of businesses have invested in cybersecurity insurance.

Educate the staff regarding unsecured networks

Banning employees from accessing their work information on their device is an evident approach. You are not going to reap long term benefits out of this strategy. The employees get tired from such restrictions; they continue to access the work information despite the company policies.

It is time to educate the staff on the safest ways of accessing the data on the device. By doing this, you are raising cybersecurity awareness among the employees. They should know about the risks of using the data on an unsecured network that can save the company from a massive loss in the years to come.

Use Robust Anti-Malware and Firewall Software

53% of cybersecurity attacks occur due to Malware, and it is time to protect your business from such attacks. Invest in software that is exclusively designed to tackle these issues. Get an optimized firewall that will inhibit the entry of Malware into the computer system. Pay attention to the updates and follow the instructions carefully to make the most of this software.


It is often said that prevention is better than cure. Raising cybersecurity awareness is a way to cope up with these issues that can result in a huge business loss in the future.

Organize cybersecurity awareness training for your employees that will help them put their knowledge into action. Avoid sharing passwords and encrypt the sensitive information whenever you are sharing it through any medium. Keep on changing the passwords now and then so that intruders cannot steal your business information. Finally, avoid opening spam mails as the viruses enter into your system and gain control over the sensitive information.

Despite the size and type of the business, keeping the data safe is everyone’s responsibility and should not be compromised at any cost.

Author Bio

How about Andrew Starr is a Cyber Security Professional with over 25 years in the Industry. As a CISSP he is passionate about helping businesses secure their systems and networks. Over the years he had the privilege to work with clients from all around the world, including household names like Barbour and Unilever to the Metropolitan Police.
Currently he is working with Just cyber security and working with leading cyber security solutions across the globe.

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