UNAVETS Joins the Petabyte Consortium to Transform the Pet Care Experience for Doctors, Patients and Their Families

UNAVETS is the latest veterinary group to announce their partnership with Petabyte and the Petabyte Consortium to help build veterinary software for the next generation of veterinary teams

BELLEVUE, Wash. & MADRID–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UNAVETS (“UNAVETS”), a European platform for veterinary centers with over 43 practices across Spain and Portugal, announced today their partnership with Petabyte Technology (“Petabyte”), a leading veterinary software company, to join the newly established Petabyte Consortium, which is focused on cleaning and standardizing data to improve veterinary practices across the world.

Petabyte revolutionizes patient management for veterinary hospitals through its suite of software solutions, including Rhapsody, a cloud-based Practice Information Management System (PIMS); Petabyte Analytics, an enterprise-level analytics platform; and Boop, a mobile application simplifying the pet care experience for pet parents. With innovative features such as standardized data, comprehensive wellness plans, virtual check-in, on-the-go communications, and a built-in payment system, Petabyte enables doctors to deliver exceptional care to pets and their families.

“Petabyte was founded with a mission to simplify veterinary operations to help doctors and staff care for pets and their families,” said Michael Hyman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Petabyte. “UNAVETS’ mission of supporting vets so they can focus on delivering the best healthcare is a goal we share, making this collaboration a natural choice. Furthermore, partnering with UNAVETS is another step towards setting the industry standard on a global level through next-generation software.”

UNAVETS’ corporate group will start by leveraging Petabyte’s analytics platform as they continue to expand across EMEA, switching to localized versions of Petabyte’s products as they roll out. As the Petabyte Consortium continues to expand, Petabyte and UNAVETS invite other forward-thinking veterinary partners and groups to collaborate on using Petabyte’s software to transform the future of pet care on a global stage through Petabyte’s suite of software solutions. UNAVETS is the third group to join Petabyte’s Consortium with more updates expected to be released as the Consortium continues to welcome new partners.

“UNAVETS’ key focus is elevating the level of healthcare for all pets and their families. This partnership was formed because we strongly believe that Petabyte’s next generation software will expand our ability to support that mission on multiple fronts,” comments Junko Sheehan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of UNAVETS. “The ‘customer journey’ of today’s pet parents requires a digitally forward-thinking approach with mobile check-in, check-out, digital records, seamless online booking, etc., and we believe that Petabyte’s next generation of software is capable of providing this and much more. As the pandemic has increased the demand for veterinary healthcare worldwide, we hope that providing best-in-class software solutions to clinics will be important to alleviate excess demands on our vets, so they can focus on what they love doing – providing the best care for our pets.”

Founded in 2019, Petabyte’s mission is to give veterinary healthcare practitioners greater understanding and control over their business using cloud-based technology. Petabyte is a unique enterprise practice management solution that allows veterinary practices to run more efficient operations and deliver better patient veterinary care. Petabyte considers a practice’s needs by offering a product that emphasizes a simple design and intuitive usability. It also offers robust customer support through teams equipped to assist veterinary practices, both large and small. The company brings together unique talent with decades of experience in the veterinary industry and in building cutting-edge technology to deliver the best practice management solution on the market. For more information, please visit petabyte.technology.

UNAVETS has grown to over 43 practices and a team of over 385 employees across Spain and Portugal since January 2020. UNAVETS’ continued mission is to elevate the standard of healthcare for pets via continued professional development and operations. We offer practices that join our group real support and collaboration in HR/professional development, operations, IT, marketing/digital, finance and accounting, and facilities/equipment management via our corporate team of over 30 individuals. In December 2019, UNAVETS was financed with funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. (“Oaktree”). Oaktree is a leader among global investors specializing in alternative investments, managing $140 billion in assets as of September 30, 2020. Oaktree’s core European strategy manages more than €4.5 billion in assets under management. For more information, please visit unavets.com.


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