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http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12513/7344105?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Fri, 13 Apr 2018 10:27:59 +0000 CHICKEN SALAD CHICK - 04-13-18 CHICKEN SALAD CHICK - 04-13-18 http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12513/7344105?cpt=8&wpid=2637 WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN you for years have you already anniversary of chicken salad check are intended to welcome back to news 12 now. this morning i think you were here four years ago pretty much on the same day you are right around the grand opening in the past four years in pretty good that we had a great time we opened both stores downtown random barrel come back to back will be doing this again in another few months. the summer cooled the story behind santana check and how it all began. he tells me about this is stacy brown who i could be intended today. she started selling chicken salad door-to-door back when she became a single mother and needed a way to her kids quickly realize that that's illegal to sell you are stamp in the lee county health departmen down in auburn, alabama, shut her down. so then her and her soon-to-be husband kevin. they decided why not try it out make a rational chicken salad and they and up selling out the first few days and just, turned into a large company with the 485 stores, but it didn't feel like a chain restaurant well is the best since they seem to be in town later on this message is to be here probably about 930 start working through a line of evil ways that she will go on at 11 on radio money .7 on this sin destroys radio show to be back at our store and greets with a related one there in alabama and i remember years ago telling her and being so jealous becaus we didn't have one estimate. now we have several varieties of chicken salad are all the men varieties of chicken salad. pimento cheese is imminent here. so here we got some are limited time offer is valid summit of this soup is offered tuesdays and fridays with the limited time flavor are southwest and narita which is a chipotle flavor chicken soda tool you will, we have our barbecue chicken sounds arugula fetus gives of the death below chicke salad. i think that i was one of only a real far in microsoft's mercator and no one is tender to new orleans. we continue in rich energies jalapeno cilantro clinic. i had to try the towering one will probably try and course grade chicken salad check desires are made any bars that are failing in a few months lol r chocolate rice crispy cars there are marshmallow respite really good and tuesday, sharon, hold one of you stops you can see exactly how you got the governors is either look at comments on monster beginning away. these things. one of them asked me to purchase today you'll get the first 50. just today we open it to him as well as tomorrow and saturday. we open at 11 first digest spit at the time of purchase will can get their choice of one of these famous arctic chickens object line to get those whom i would get there early service some words as well and people have windup as early as 41 about a beautiful thing. i currently farm along with replacing an order downtown you can call when you get there. if you preorder in the rundown security right there see you working headache now offer online ordering. you ordered a chicken salad should come also be immigrated into our app soon and you can order ahead you skip a line if you want don't want be able to find a parking space on seven street causes a hotel room on come on out and it was very nice, very nice anniversary trying to and happy anniversary all the folks at chicken salad check townsend 629 market st. the one out in the number of listings will also one last thing on downtown will be open and 76 from now on. nice. very nice. check them out online in your website again is subject try some of these durin the break will have more the

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