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For The Record: SVA Women In Business Breakfast

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Inspiring, Motivated and Unique. Neil Heinen talks with successful “women in business” leaders from SVA on the upcoming breakfast event meant to inspire their peers.

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Inspiring, Motivated and Unique. Neil Heinen talks with successful “women in business” leaders from SVA on the upcoming breakfast event meant to inspire their peers.
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12509/7368791?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Sun, 10 Jun 2018 15:30:03 +0000 For The Record: SVA Women In Business Breakfast Inspiring, Motivated and Unique. Neil Heinen talks with successful “women in business” leaders from SVA on the upcoming breakfast event meant to inspire their peers. http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12509/7368791?cpt=8&wpid=2637 WISC and 50% off a new samsung galaxy smartphone. ? >>> wisc-tv now presents for the record. ?. >>> celebrating women in business is next on for the record. thanks for joining us, i am neil heinen. once again, wisc-tv is partnering with madison consulting firm sva to support women in business, support local women business leaders, and encourage them to grow their careers. the connection is sponsored again this year at the women in business conference at the overture for the arts center. back to tell us more about the work is sva. thank you both for coming. >> thank you. >> oh, kiersten, talk a little bit about what sva is and what they do. >> well, first i want to thank you and wisc-tv for cosponsoring the event. what a fabulous turnout and hope for more women to join us as your. >> you bet. >> oh, sva is a public services firm with wealth management and consulting, accounting. with that we are very attuned to the women in business and want to support them, allow people to share their stories and provide stories for other women as they develop their careers to be inspired, and know that it is a tough road, but a road that can be done and successful. so we want to support that. >> so this is a priority for the whole company, to support women, not just at sva but the idea of women in business in general? >> yes, and as we talked about last year there where a lot of philanthropic awards that honor women, but we really want to focus on this and their honor four women and highlight their achievements. >> oh, how was last year's event? we did this for the first time. how did it go and what did you learn? >> it was fabulous, three wonderful panelist this year as well with a great turnout last year, looking for well over 100 people last year looking for more than 150 the sure. >> and did you get the engagement that you were looking for? >> absolutely. now, as kiersten mentioned, madison has a lot of awards. this is really about bringing people together, networking, sharing, learning from each other. so when you survey people not just locally but nationally, what they are looking for is a support network, a networking help throughout the community to really bring people together for each other to make connections. >> is a format similar this year as compared to last year? >> it will be. we have a different location at the overture center, so we will have our normal networking, a breakfast, and our panel will go from 8:15 to 9:00 with a half hour for questions. a lot of times, the audience will ask questions and be a part of the conversation. i want to comment that it was a part of the penal and i have women who come to me and remember me as a part of the event as recently as the last month, mentioning how much they enjoyed it and hoping that we would do it again. >> were the good questions? did they kind of surprise you? >> they did. actually, susan simon was the emcee who did a great job of ferreting out questions by the audience to get them engaged. so great questions from the audience about not just symbols, but the overarching, how do you take a risk and move forward? >> and are you able to incorporate the sva way into that? is that a part of the conversation? >> yes, what we do is, this is just an extension in the madison area, is to help them go from development. >> and this is interesting. as we do this, there is a another conference going on in town called culture culture con. you are familiar with a. >> yes. >> so it is an idea of workplace culture, creating workplace culture that works for everybody there. but i think that there is a recognition more and more that the women's contribution to workplace culture is really important. >> i would agree. when we first started to talk about this event a year ago, we talked about working for women in business. we don't offer different services because you are female, but women are different. women really focus on relationships, building trust, and we do that in our workplace. but we want to show the community that we are a part of that as well between building trust between panels who are attending and offering how we can help. >> our panel members really exemplify that as well. sue johnson is on the board, and she has a really nice story about how she was just kind of a number in this big massive country, but she wanted to be more than that. she took a risk on a cell phone when into a much smaller environment it was able to work and grow with a credit union, ultimately, just becoming more active in the community. very madison-like, a great story to share. >> were the other speakers? >> doctor sally mckinnon who works with madison radiologist and speaks very eloquently about the support network that she was able to fill from the uw. >> uh-huh. >> specifically, she calls the uw radiology department, the faculty, standing out in the nation for how many female faculty and how that helped her to build not just mentors and teachers, but friends through her network, and growing her >> one third panelist >> keep going! >> is christine morgan. now, kiersten, why don't you share? >> oh, she works in affordable housing which is part of the area i'm working as well. it is multiple family with senior housing. she took a chance to purchase a part of the company she was working in, then break off to develop her own thing. now they have 2500 units, i believe in six counties, and i might not be saying this right. >> six states. >> yes. >> for me, doing that part of work in my career, there's not a lot of women in affordable an investment, a risk, it is great. >> a lot of the things like nontraditional areas for women, at least as we commonly think of it. >> we do have one last panel, laura will talk about her experience working with our firm and how her career has developed from, you know, i think she basically started her career at sva but is now moving into the healthcare area with to other partners. >> so, they will each give a presentation, or is that a penal? >> it is a pain all. >> okay. >> so, there will be moderated questions that each will address and they will take questions from the audience. >> oh, you touched on one of the themes. something else >>> i am back with jenny and kiersten who are principals at sva. we are partnering with sva again to put on the women in business initiative that they are putting on at the overture center. that is a nice place to do this and. >> it is. >> we talked about the featured speakers, the themes, and one of them is stepping out of your comfort zone. how will that be represented there? >> do you want me to go? [laughter] >> so, each woman was in a situation in her career where she decided to literally change direction, to take the risk and belief in herself. so for some women, they felt as if they were stuck in a box and had to do something different. another woman build a network floor, she saw her opportunities at sva. but it is all about taking a risk, believing in yourself, but i am sure that each woman has a strong support system taking the risk, not being afraid of failure. a lot of people are fearful that they will fail. they just have to take that leap. >> it is interesting because it would incorporate both the personal support system, and i am sure that personal stories are great. >> right. >> but then, the professional support systems, do they exist and are they out there for women. >> absolutely, and that is one reason why we feel so strongly bring people together with a chance to network and share stories, sometimes, we share horror stories. sometimes we share success stories of how we work through the problems in life. >> as women say, i am uncomfortable thinking of this, are there examples of, you need to talk to this person or here is a program, an online resource to help you with that? >> that is the best thing about this. there are women organizations in madison to focus on the women in business, but this is another way to build the network, ask questions, and it is even a think of how i get the financing to start a new business or start my business. these are the questions that some women do not know where to turn, and how you get this conversation started? so an event like this is a little more informal, and they are willing to tell a story to give you information. >> right. >> that is also why we target women in business specifically across different industries, so we can bring people together at a table to share. maybe we have a consultant, a radiologist, someone might have a question for me, and i can me introduce you to that . third theme which seems really practical, which is really knowing your industry? >> yes. >> how does that play out? >> gap. well, i think for all of these women, they took a risk because they had base knowledge or an extreme amount of experience. does that knowledge base gives you the confidence to say hey, i can do this because i have this piece down. i work in affordable housing, i know how this works, how clients are developed and how to get financing, that kind of thing. so, she knows those steps so i don't have to do it on my own. >> she knows all the facts about being a lifelong learner which is something we have on the wall at sga, being a lifelong learner. not just knowing your industry, but where your industry is going and that will ultimately help people feel empowered as well. >> for a lot of people, the spark and passion can be there because it's an aspect of their life that they really care about. but to make that your life's work into the side that that will be a career path for you might require some considerable conversation and discussion. >> definitely. you have to pull the resources that you have and seek out mentors, whether they are male or female, to help you process to figure out what to do. i like that sally created her own network to help her to have those people to talk to. so, is not that there's always a networking group, an event like this, sometimes you to create your own network of people to help you. >> this feels a little bit more like a career advancement, maybe even a career change conversation rather than a startup, a start your own business conversation? >> yes. >> and is not your experience? >> there are some wonderful products out there for entrepreneurial women as well. >> yes. >> we support those as well, but this really targets the women across business, whether they are business owners, executives in the company, growing their careers in business, but again, building up the network in the industry knowledge to step outside of their current position. >> and i think, too, for a lot of attendees, just to see that it can be done, there are people who are successful and how they got there, sometimes you have to have that mirrored back to you so you can say that yeah, that can happen. >> yeah. >> so, who is coming to this from your experience leicester, and who should come? >> so, last year, a wide variety of women, women at all points in their careers. some women might say why are you here? you are already successful. but you can always learn. a variety of women, women in their 20s who probably towards the end of their careers in the 50s. it was a great crowd. everybody was sitting at tables, chatting and sharing stories before the actual program began. we focused heavily on the women in business. we like to have a peer network as well, so looking at the women business owners, women in management positions who are growing their career within the business sector, these are great candidates. >> this strikes me as a place where women entrepreneurs might want to come to just here but the conversation is, what other women are thinking about in terms of their own career because whether you are a true entrepreneur, the owner of the business, if it is you or another person, we are all entrepreneurial in our companies. >> we have to be. >> inter- preneurial. [laughter] >> now, what do you have as far as culture and that kinda stuff? >> we have a wide range of diversity, agent not aged, the industry type, just a wide range somewhat surprising in the sense that it was great to see a mix of people, not just from one sector, people doing different things, and great questions that we got answered as well. >> yes. >> leicester, we had anna hooker as a panelist, and she spoke in a very real and authentic way of what it meant for her to be a nonwhite person to come in, some of the challenges that she had. and anyway, i think that all of the women from last year and this year, and they were just very inspiring women. >> i would have liked to have heard the conversation. >> it was good. >> and this is part of how the yes.e region is changing. >> these are conversations that, i think, could impact a lot of people. ? >>> june, what is the date? >> june 19. >> at the overture center, the women in business center, the second annual and wisc-tv is again partnering with sva with principal jenny, and kirsten houghton, are with me to talk about this year's event. so, the takeaways from this, it sounds like a pretty rich conversation that goes on there, but i am assuming that a lot of women will want to anticipate some relationships and sources of information that they can take back with them. >> right. >> how do you make that happen? >> i think a big part if that is how do we wrap up the conversation with what we are talking about. but one piece we have not mentioned is how we just work with the women of business as well, and we are relationship driven. so, we do want to have that message there, too, that we are there to work with the women, but for the panelist to are there, just making sure, what did we not cover? what do you want to know? make sure that you go for it. the people who you met today, make a relationship. we need that is a message as we close the event. >> a lot of the women are talking to each other, understanding each other and at a level in their careers were >> where, what they can really expect, and it's a chance to not just only network for the panelist to learn from the panelist, because they will have an opportunity to ask questions for themselves, but to get to know the people around them at the table. we do have time for networking and questions so they can walk away, hopefully knowing a few of the people to have a mutually beneficial relationship. >> i can tell you last year, since i sat on the panel at a number of women come up to me, handing me business card saying hey, i want to get together to talk more about what you do and what your experience has been with your career. so, my guess is it is happening all across the room. >> teacher, danica lewis. i am sure she will do just as well, choosing the tough questions. >> oh yeah, she is good at that. >> we can ask each other and not just the panel. >> i am curious. so much around the women in business has to do with various culture and social issues, we are in the #metoo era. this is very important, did that come into it at all leicester? >> i would say probably not last year as much but they sure, it is probably at the top of the mind. and it will be interesting to see in the conversation if that is brought up by the attendees, like what was your experience? did you experience harassment, and what were your challenges? >> well, you talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! >> i i am sure that there is a question of what i am walking into. >> you don't know, or what the reaction will be. >> right. >> what was really amazing about #metoo is the courage of women coming out, the support system of everyone who came to support the women, so i do think that we are right in line with the message, and i think that that will help our attendees him panelist. >> this is an example of the glass ceiling coming down, and yet, there are plenty of statistics to suggest that the glass ceiling still very much exists. >> i would say in light of the me-too movement, it has opened up a conversation where people feel more comfortable to show the stores that they have probably never told, so not just in the specific area, but just in general. i think that people are more open and if they tell a story, i don't know the supported is the right word, but there's not the fear that there could have been in the past. >> one thing that will be interesting to measure is if some conversations have changed. from my perspective, i do think that things are progressing forward, here at sva. 51 percent of her staff are women. several of the last partners, more than half of the last partners, have been women's. we see the changes internally here, very locally. we would like to hear from our panelists and audience members as well. >> how helpful must it be for someone to have said, yes, i have basis in this is how i dealt with it successfully. >> yes, exactly. >> and that is something that that someone can definitely take away. we know that this is a frequent occurrence. so to say this is what happened and how i did it. >> an exchange of emails? live streaming this on our facebook page as well. >> great. registrations are open, and available? >> yes, we had 90 registered, as jeannie said, we are hoping for 150 or more because the overture center has many rooms. >> yes. >> and we want women to be focused on the career and are having success but they want to hear lower and learn more from other people. >> go to the sva website? >> >>> my things to jenny and kiersten, and to you, for joining us. we will see you next week on for the record. ? ? real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company

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