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Three Massive Data Breaches and What You Can Learn From Them Despite the common knowledge and general acceptance nowadays that insecure physical endpoints are bad for the health of data privacy, many "secure" industries - from health care to education - deal with data breaches and data misuse due to employees simply losing personal portable storage devices including USB thumb drives. Even tech companies that should be well-versed in preventing data breaches are just now officially taking the proper steps to assure digital security. ...Read More »
The Future of Customer-Facing Apps By Kevin Gardner Today's customers depend on mobile apps in nearly all aspects of their lives. As such, employees are eager to use any technology that improves their productivity. A few years ago, mobile apps weren't fun as they're today. People would only use their smartphones for calculation and reading the latest headlines. However, the opening of the App Store skyrocketed mobile app downloads to 10 million. By June 2015, App Store had over 1.5 million apps in the store and 100 billion downloads. Over time, mobile apps have evolved from entertainment tools to work and life-relied tools. ...Read More »
Is Data Analytics Adding Business Value For You? Plenty of people are attracted by data analytics as it benefits financially even if one stays at home and works. With the recent surge in e-commerce, these data analytics programs are a wonderful substitute for people who simply want to scale the successful corporate ladder but are sick and tired of their mundane everyday work. By implementing the right data analytics tactics, you can add to your brand value and bring in a lot more revenue to your business. ...Read More »
Crypto Exchange Apps Cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept in the world of finance, but despite this, many modern traders buy and sell crypto every day using websites and mobile apps. Large exchanges allow traders to earn substantial amounts of both crypto and fiat money but there is also a chance to lose much due to extremely high volatility. That's the biggest difference of crypto trading from the regular one. You should always keep an eye on rates and price changes. And the best way to be informed is to use mobile apps as they are easily accessible and convenient. They allow traders to close deals almost anywhere and anytime through smartphones. Let's review the best available cryptocurrency exchange apps now! ...Read More »
How To Manage Your Customers Like a Fortune 500 Company By Kevin Gardner The importance of good customer relations is something that no business can afford to take lightly. From word-of-mouth advertising and personal recommendations to opportunities for repeat business, good customer relationship management (CRM) can provide a number of long term benefits. Simply making CRM a top priority is not always sufficient to ensure that positive and lasting relationships may be cultivated. Numerous CRM efforts, resources and solutions may be required in order to ensure that businesses are able to build and maintain the superior customer base they need in order to enjoy greater long-term success. ...Read More »
Content Insider #568 - Pure Mission By Miles Weston Everyone who attended NAB this year was on a mission. A mission to create the best content, a mission to deliver content to the right audience, a mission to produce great films for device and theatre viewing. We'll start by discussing some of the best solutions for some of the creative people we know - shooters, production/post folks. And there was plenty of new products, new services, new features announced at the show to get a filmmakers motor running this year. And again SuperMeet was fun, insane and informative. Shoot it, produce it, store it. Then? Sell it. It's all good and getting better! ...Read More »
Are You Prepared for Digital Transformation? Your Legacy Infrastructure Isn't Digital transformation encompasses the use of technologies that empower all employees - not just those in IT - to improve business performance, transparency, efficiency, speed and agility. These technologies bring together previously siloed departments, allowing a highly collaborative environment and creating a more seamless, efficient workplace. There are challenges to overcome before enterprises can get closer to these benefits, however, and one of those is continued reliance on legacy infrastructure. ...Read More »
Best Marketing Automation Software for Small Businesses Marketing automation software is designed to simplify marketing efforts and make is easier for you to create, automate, and track your campaigns in a singular system. While this software is helpful for any size company, there are many versions that particularly advantageous for small companies who may still be relying on a one-person marketing team. ...Read More »
Protect your Online Identity Effectively In this age of social media and digital communication, it is perhaps extremely easy to breach your identity. Across the globe, there are numerous instances where hackers attempt to access your details and commit different kinds of atrocious activities. The world is full of scam, deception, and crime that you need to be aware of. With the advent of the internet and varied media platforms, it has now got extremely easy to access and access private information. As a user, you need to be extremely aware and cautious against such activities. Here are some useful tips that will help you to protect your online identity. ...Read More »
Technology Trends Expected to Revolutionize the Medical Industry by 2020 Each century throughout human history has brought significant advancement in the medical industry. For example, life expectancy in the past century has extended by approximately 25 years. The shift is attributed to the development of the cardiac pacemaker, smallpox eradication, and penicillin. Technology could enable researchers to carry out partial human brain transplant, repair the cardiovascular system, and use genetic engineering to alter the human DNA. In the future, advancements in research, computer technology, and design will change how we access health care. For example, computer technology will allow for health insurance comparison and reduce doctor visits significantly. Here are some of the tech advancements that will revolutionize healthcare by 2020. ...Read More »

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