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Tips to Prepare Your Company for an IPO The planning for an IPO begins long before the actual IPO. The IPO process may look like a 3 day affair and then the tension of listing. In reality, the IPO process is a lot more comprehensive than that. The planning for the IPO starts months in advance because the deil lies in the detail. For the success of the IPO; planning, pricing, marketing and positioning must come together. So, how exactly do you prepare the company for an IPO? Here are some critical steps. ...Read More »
Professional Liability in Information Technology By Robert A. Stines We are in the Cyber Age. We rely on the internet and networked devices to engage in commerce, exchange information, and conduct business. Even legal professionals rely on the internet to eFile documents with courts, engage in eDiscovery, and conduct research. Information technology (IT) departments, or managed service providers, are now critical to the successes of almost all organizations, whether they are in the public or private sectors. Similar to our access to roads and electricity, our access to the internet and stored information is a critical component of modern infrastructure and commerce. ...Read More »
Tariffs and Trade Wars One of the key ingredients to maintaining a positive global marketplace is collegial trade between countries. Many partnerships are strong and create a win-win situation for all concerned parties. But, there are still many countries who cannot come to an agreement about the ratio of imports to exports between the nations. These disagreements can escalate into imposed tariffs and the beginnings of a trade war. So why should we be concerned about tariffs and trade wars? Here's what you need to know. ...Read More »
The Do's and Don'ts of Efficient Email Marketing Email marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing methods you can use. When done right, it allows you to reach thousands of prospects in seconds, follow up with your customer base, and can be very cost effective if you understand how to build your list organically. But it's also one of the most misunderstood marketing methods, and in many cases, seemingly subtle mistakes could ruin an email marketing campaign completely. In this article, we're going to enumerate some of the do's and don'ts of building a newsletter that works. ...Read More »
How to Avoid Over-Engineering Your Data Center Data center certification programs have struggled to keep up with a rapidly changing technological landscape. We outline the premise behind over-engineered data centers as a consequence, in part, by outdated certification programs and standards, and how this obstacle can be addressed. ...Read More »
3D Printing Is Hot...And It's Only Going To Get Hotter We often think of 3D printing as a new technology with futuristic implications, but we rarely stop to consider how far it's come or where it could be in another few years. 3D printing was invented by Charles Hull in 1984, and in the ensuing 34 years we have developed ways to scan and 3D print objects in real time and have even begun one of the most science-fiction endeavors yet-3D printing human organs. Still, 3D printing has yet to reach its full potential, and that's a good thing. ...Read More »
Content Insider #588 - VR4 By Miles Weston Want to get into movies? Work hard, work long and have just a little bit of luck. Or if you were thinking of something a little easier, little faster; catch one of the growing library of really good VR films - short or long - and experience it up close and personal, very personal. If you want to produce your own VR film well the good cameras are still "a little" expensive, Nvidia's eye-popping gen 8 card makes it easier and better, and if you want to push the envelope see how you look as a hologram. VR/AR/MR are coming together as an exciting option to 4K/8K/HDR films. Choices...choices...choices ...Read More »
Data May Be the Key to Improving Your B2B Relationships By Kevin Gardner Running a successful business requires maintenance of existing relationships among companies. Building long lasting relationships requires efforts from all the parties involved. For the companies to strengthen the ties, they need to have a sit-down and engage in all the aspects of their businesses, and data should be the basis of those meetings. ...Read More »
Industrial Air Pollution Clean-Up Is On Its Way In 2018 Since 1955, the United States government has recognized the need for legislation to clean up air pollution. Subsequent revisions to the initial legislation strengthened the laws regarding allowable amounts of car emissions, factory smog, and other sources of air pollution. Now, in 2018, it isn't just legislation and governments fighting air pollution. Private inventors, corporations, and other organizations are harnessing the technology that can aid in cleaning our air all over the world, along with recognizing that some advances in technology are creating more air pollution and combating it with air filter and filtration systems, dust collectors, industrial vacuums, industrial blowers, air compressors, vacuum pumps and many other products. ...Read More »
Trade War With China Will Hit OEM Manufacturers First As trade relations between China and US deteriorate, OEM manufacturers and their metal suppliers are caught in the middle. Who is affected first? ...Read More »

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