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Mingis on Tech: Is the new iPad Pro enterprise-ready? By IDG.TV Apple's top-end tablet hardware was already workplace worthy, but iOS still required some workarounds for things to go smoothly. iOS 11 may change that when it arrives later this year. ...Read More »
Xbox One X PC build | The Full Nerd Ep 25 By IDG.TV The Full Nerd crew discusses why it's currently hard to match the Xbox One X's price and specs. ...Read More »
iPad Pro 10.5 review: Meet the best iPad Apple has ever made By IDG.TV Apple has perfected the iPad Pro with this year's new 10.5-inch model, which is faster, bigger, and better than its already-powerful predecessor. ...Read More »
What does iOS 11 reveal about the iPhone 8? | The iPhone Show By IDG.TV The only thing we know for sure about the iPhone 8 is that it was designed to run iOS 11. Here's more on what we can expect. ...Read More »
Kingdom Come: Deliverance hand-on preview By IDG.TV Kingdom Come: Deliverance is like a realistic version of an Elder Scrolls game. ...Read More »
A Noob's Guide to Increasing Sales with Live Chat Software By Jason Grills When it's used in a right way, a live chat tool can be a great way of improving your way of doing business. If you've introduced online support software as a means of increasing your income but you notice no improvement in your financial statement, you may be missing out on something important. In this article, we'll throw light on some of the elementary guidelines to efficiently increasing sales with live chat software. ...Read More »
Ransomware SUCKS - Be Prepared to Fight or Be Prepared to Pay We've all seen posts of ransomware variants and who they're hitting. Ransomware protection has become a Board-level conversation. The threat from ransomware continues to grow as experts say that up to 40% of all email spam contains ransomware. Ransomware has become so prolific that it is no longer a question of "if" you are going to get hit with this type of malware, but when. ...Read More »
Hackers Are Using Ransomware to Get Rich. Here's How Much They're Making Your digital assets are undergoing immense changes. The compilation of mobile devices, file retention needs, application enhancements, digital capacity growth, plus more big data means that the burden on you is constantly increasing. Businesses are producing exponentially more data and using more technology than ever before and it all needs to be backed up and stored. While IT manages the explosive growth on the digital front, there's pressure on departments to stabilize or even cut spending. IDG noted that data growth has exceeded staffing growth by 33x. ...Read More »
OneLogin hack - the future's bleak for standalone single sign-on services By Francois Amigorena, CEO of IS Decisions The recent hack on password manager OneLogin has reignited a huge debate within the security industry - where do companies strike the balance between convenience and security? OneLogin is a single sign-on service that enables users to log into multiple applications, systems and networks with just one password - with no need to log into each one individually. Essentially, it's a bit like replacing all the keys to all the doors within a house with one master key. But for all its positives, the hack on OneLogin has exposed single sign on's weakness in effectively protecting a network. It's now a big security risk. ...Read More »
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire trailer By IDG.TV Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire takes this Baldur's Gate spiritual successor to the high seas. ...Read More »

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