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Managing Your Assets in the Construction Business By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly Four things you need to know to protect and manage your equipment on job sites. ...Read More »
Wearable Tech: Improving Productivity and Well-Being By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly How emerging technologies could change the way we work. ...Read More »
New Tech that will Keep you up During Down Times By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly How emerging technologies are helping farms and construction companies stay productive and maximize their prep for busy seasons. ...Read More »
How to Make Investments in Your Employees Pay Off By Dan Radak Your knowledge and your employees are your most valuable assets. If you invest in them equally, your business will develop in a steady way. Still, preoccupied by work-related stress, businesspeople don't always realize that their employees are neglected on account of the profit chase. Here's how you can improve your workers' positions and manage to retain them as your long-term workforce. ...Read More »
Agile Methodology in Large Enterprises By Hamesh Chawla, VP of Engineering for Zephyr The Agile methodology, once associated with smaller organizations of 8-10 employees, is now being adopted--and adapted--for large-scale enterprise development. The guiding principles of agile are to keep code simple, test often, and deliver working pieces of an application as soon as they're ready. How can companies take this approach and translate it to larger, enterprise-wide projects that need to scale across a wide variety of locations, lines of business, platforms and technologies? This article offers some simple and effective techniques to help scale agile methodology across project teams and entire enterprises. ...Read More »
3 Exciting Construction Industry Uses For Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality By Allison Crady Immersive reality technology has exploded throughout 2016, with more creative uses invented every day. Many huge corporations are placing massive investments in its development. According to ABI Research predictions, immersive reality will balloon into a $100-billion-dollar industry by 2020. The exciting technology can be broken down into three distinct categories: Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). The Microsoft's HoloLens is a great, recent example of mixed reality, which is a split combination of reality and the virtual world. Augmented reality uses "markers" to add pieces of virtual information within the known world. And then there's virtual reality which fully immerses users into an alternate world. ...Read More »
CES 2017 By Dr. Neale Foster, COO and VP Sales, ACCESS Europe The Consumer Electronics Show is turning 50 in 2017, giving us an opportunity to look back on how the automotive and video worlds have evolved. Younger readers might not remember it, but in the 1970s, watching TV was a lot less diverse than today. Germany was divided with radically different TV cultures and the rest of Europe consisted almost entirely of public broadcasters, with British TV airing just three channels. Today, consumers can access channels from a number of sources (cable, IP, Over-The-Top, satellite, terrestrial) and across a wide range of topics. In addition, the rise of new video sources like YouTube and the move that social media platforms are turning into smaller scale broadcasters is providing viewers with access to even more content. This has led to the requirement for quality Electronic Programme Guides and search engine, as well as a need for better user experience solutions. ...Read More »
Mobile Workforce: Optimize Your Business with Fleet Tracking and Timecards By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly New technology is allowing fleet owners to manage their fleet and employees. ...Read More »
Smart Fleets: Empowering Fleets with Remote Sensors By David Ryan for America's Backbone Weekly Everything you need to know about sensor technology in the fleet industry ...Read More »
Spinbackup - Bringing Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Cloud Cybersecurity to G Suite Users By Dmitry Dontsov, CEO of Spinbackup On December 15, Yahoo, already reeling from their September disclosure that 500 million user accounts had been hacked in 2014, disclosed that a different attack in 2013 compromised more than one billion accounts. The two attacks are the largest known security breaches of a company's computer network. Yahoo's so-called "Exxon Valdez of computer hacks" was preceded by Google's own "Gooligan" malware breach - the biggest-ever hacker score of Google user tokens. These events are proof that even the biggest internet companies in the world are not immune to data leaks and thefts. ...Read More »

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