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Microsoft Serial Console How to fix a 'broken' Cloud Artificial intelligence will play a huge role in improving human decisions, and thereby make people much more advanced that it is now. Economically, artificial intelligence or augmented intelligence will redefine the way people nowadays think about jobs in many sectors. In fact, humans and machines working together cognitively will give rise to newer industries that cannot be even conceived at this stage. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has come up with the all new serial console to rectify the problem of broken clouds. ...Read More »
5 Types of Customers You Should Expect to See if You Work in Programming By Kevin Gardner In the world of programming, there are various customers you will deal with. Some are a dream, and some are not the best to be working with. The following five customers are ones that you might reconsider building something for. Either way, knowing what is coming can help you prepare. ...Read More »
5 Trends That Will Shape Your Data Integration and Management Strategy As companies identify data as their top strategic asset, business leaders are paying more attention to the integration and management of that asset. Enterprises are seeking digital transformation to keep up with or drive industry disruptions and meet emerging consumer expectations, and their executive teams are realizing that success hinges on the ability to effectively integrate and manage data. ...Read More »
What can we learn from the biggest cyber-attacks of 2017 ahead of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)? What can we learn from the biggest cyber-attacks of 2017 ahead of GDPR? When it comes to IT, 2017 will no doubt be remembered for the proliferation of cyber-attacks making the news almost daily. So common were cyber-attacks, 2017 was even dubbed 'year of the cyber-attack'. Ransomware and data breaches in particular stole the headlines, and these types of cyber-attacks will only increase under GDPR. Here, we look at two of the biggest cyber-attacks that hit mainstream media headlines and analyse how the business could have been impacted were GDPR in place. ...Read More »
Tips for Managing Remote IT Teams A challenge organizations experience is fostering the development of remote employees. The reality is most at home workers sign in, complete work, interact with the team and end their shift. The information technology industry offers flexibility for employees to work in the office and at home. Developing employees requires more attention to detail than the experience of working in an office. Do you manage remote employees? Here are helpful tips to succeeding in the telecommute space. ...Read More »
Mesh Networking Enables the Rise of Robots By Todd Rigby Autonomous and robotic applications allow vehicles and equipment to operate independently of humans, using sensors, software, computers and network interconnectivity to give the machine a more immersive existence in its environment. Some applications may require a remote operator, such as those involving heavy industrial machinery, while others are completely human-free. But for any autonomous application, a robust network is required to ensure the applications and tasks run safely and seamlessly. ...Read More »
Collaboration in the games industry - a Blockchain revolution By Dean Anderson We look back fondly to the early excitement of the internet- allowing workers to collaborate not just in different cities, but between different countries. However, beyond the more collaborative world of work, another exciting development began: the birth of dynamic online communities. The internet allows these communities to collaboratively pioneer innovations in areas such as science and technology, the arts and media. It's time for organisations around the world to take this collaborative approach seriously. ...Read More »
Top Five Ways to Mitigate Risk Associated with Project Data By Aaron Kivett Information is the essential core of every commercial construction project. From the initial stages of a project through to its conclusion, having the correct information at every step is the best way to ensure you will not face costly delays and errors. Whether you are an architect, engineer, or a contractor, organizing your information is the first step toward mitigating project risks like time delays, budget issues, miscommunication and mistakes. ...Read More »
How To Make Your CRM Big Data Small By Lorcan Malone, President and COO of Swiftpage Small and midsized (SMB) businesses love to think big, and there's no better way to do that than with the right customer relationship management (CRM) technology. The operative words here, of course, are the right. As the sheer volume of customer information captured through CRM continues to increase, businesses must evaluate whether they can truly capitalize on the valuable data their CRM software delivers. And so, it's important to ensure that your CRM is designed with an SMB business needs in mind, since the tools and data that large corporations use might be of minimal use, irrelevant or even holding your SMB business back. ...Read More »
Content Insider #561 - Supported Streams By Miles Weston With appointment TV getting whiskers and streamers becoming more important, upfronts this year are going to be interesting. Upfronts? That's where advertisers place their bets on shows. This year there's a new set of tools focused on attribution and outcome...the ability to trace commercials to actual sales. Yes all your online activity enables this. Now advertisers can have proof that their 6-,15-,30- and 60-second commercials work...or not. Don't kid me you don't just watch Netflix and Amazon Prime stuff. Free wins over a few bucks every hour of the day, day of the week. And thanks to the marvels of OTT shows, networks and marketers will be able to check off when you go to McDonalds vs healthy food places. Free...Gotcha!!! ...Read More »

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