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Back to school uptown cheapskate

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back to school shopping

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back to school shopping
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12513/7040770?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Fri, 11 Aug 2017 15:22:17 +0000 Back to school uptown cheapskate back to school shopping http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12513/7040770?cpt=8&wpid=2637 KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City did you know the average utah family will spend more than $1200 for back to school shopping. we are at the south jordan location of uptown cheap skate and showing you what that money looks like and how you can save money coming out here. so preson, what is this. >> so this rack kind of just shows you what that $1200 would look like if you were to be shopping at the mall full price. if you can see like $12 hundred t doesn't look like this will go very far. the average utah household has four kids. you have to supply four kids who all want to look fashionable on a budget. that is not easy to do, okay. so 1200 bucks. you have like a few pairs of pants and a few shirts. a few pairs of shoes and a couple of backpacks on here. and this is you will a the regular brands you will want, a pair of j crew jeans, j crew shirts, gap jeans and jackets and coats and all this stuff you will need for back to school season. so if you look at it, once again, this doesn't look like a lot, like enough stuff for four kids, right? >> no, i mean maybe one kid. >> maybe one kid. >> so let me show you how uptown cheap skate can make this 1200 stretch even further. >> oh wow. >> so this is like so much more stuff, right. look at the quantity of shoes we have. over here we have sperries an con verse, like the supercute tall boots in swayed and leather that you will want. j crew jeans for $17, american eagle for 15, this stuff just spreads so much farther. the receipt that i printed out for this stuff is like this long. and this one was like six inches long it is amazing the amount of things you can get if you shop at uptown cheap skates and it is the brands they want and love. >> if i take my kids back to school shopping retail at the mall i am coming home with this long receipt and my husband is freaking out. how much less are people spending. >> up to 70% less than what you will pay at the mall. >> which if you flip that, that means you are getting 70% more if you spending that amount of money. >> absolutely. it's astounding. and when people come in here, this is not like your normal thrift store. this is the brands that you love, the styles you want. we go through each item when people bring it in to sell it to us to make sure the quality is there. are you getting the stuff you would get at the malls right now for up to 70% off. >> you guys are so particular about what you accept here. when i'm walking around, i forgot this even was clothes that you had bought, it looks brand new. >> we always tell people when they sell it, we want them to come back a week later, forgot they sold it and be like this is so cute, i've got to have this. >> and they buy it back in their closet. >> absolutely. so we talked about backpacks. when people are coming for back to school shopping right now what can they get here at uptown. >> absolutely. so our backpacks are fantastic brands that people are looking for at kohl's. i was just in there. they are starting at $20 to $30, most of ours are under $20 to begin with. so you can't beat it. >> they are really getting the backpacks. they're getting the clothes, the coats, they're getting the shoes, thek accessories. >> athletic wear, all the gids have to go to gym class, lululemon, under armour, lowly all these amazing brands that are not cheap to begin with. and you can get lululemon tops between 20 and $30, and those are so expensive, by the way. >> they are so expensive, i can attest to that because i have bought them before but now i know i need to shop the racks here at uptown cheap skate. >> there are five utah locations. this one in south jordan, american fork, murray, sugar house and downtown salt lake. >> this is the place to come for all of your back to school shopping needs. you will want to hurry in because i'm actually go to start shopping right now so i hope i'm leaving things for you. thanks so much. >> thank you for coming. >>

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