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Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance - 10/11/17

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Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance - 10/11/17

http://eplayer.clipsyndicate.com/view/12508/7125680 Video: Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance - 10/11/17
Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance - 10/11/17
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12508/7125680?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Wed, 11 Oct 2017 20:26:38 +0000 Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance - 10/11/17 Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance - 10/11/17 http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12508/7125680?cpt=8&wpid=2637 KOLR [?] >> kelly: well, i'm talking with chad yarnall. he's with missouri farm bureau insurance. chad, it's great to see you. >> guest: very good to see you. >> kelly: this is a beautiful place. >> guest: yes, this is my family farm. this is where i grew up. and my dad, they actually brought me home from the hospital to this house. >> kelly: so this is where you started. >> guest: this is where i started. >> kelly: little bitty baby right here. >> guest: right here. >> kelly: what do you have on this farm? >> guest: well, we have cattle. we have maltese and yorke dogs. and we have three donkey here for scenery. >> kelly: they're sweet. i like them. >> guest: oh, they are wonderful. they'll talk to you. we have bermuda hay. we'll sell it or feed to our animals. it's the same kind of grass as you see as a golf course. >> kelly: i don't know a lot about farms. that's something that you specialize in growing up. is that why you got into missouri farm bureau insurance? >> guest: well, whenever i was growing up, of course, i helped on the farm. so you develop a love for agriculture. and i showed cattle and was in the ffa. and was also state ffa vice president. sew that was able to kind of catapult me into farm bureau. because i didn't realize how close of a relationship they had. >> kelly: you learned growing up and how that fits in. how does that fit in with missouri farm bureau insurance? >> guest: well, i mean, we sell all products. we can sell a house in town. we can sell one outside of town. a farm like this. it allows me to know what your needs might be. for example, you know, i can tell somebody what the going market is for selling cattle. this is what we need to insure your cattle at. >> kelly: and all the things on the farm. not everybody is going to have a huge tractor. you know what to tell people who that's going to cost and what they need to insure. >> yes, we have a product that allows us to more or less insure a tractor like an automobile. so it has collapse and overturn if you're out on the farm and fall off in a pothole when it rolls over. i mean, that tractor is going to be covered. so, you know, some people don't think about that. they only think that, you know, we just need something to protect your loan against it, what have you. >> kelly: right. what do you love about your job? >> guest: i love being able to farmers. but i also love being in my home community and taking care of the people that i grew up with and that knows my family so well. i tell people, some people have roots; i've got roots like an oak tree. my grandpa graduated from here. >> kelly: if you get out of line, they're going to tell your folks. >> guest: most people remember me as the kid who got his ear twisted and jerked out of church! [laughter] >> kelly: trust is a big factor. >> guest: yes. insurance companies offers a lot of the same products. so it matters who you trust as your agent. you're buying an agent. you're buying me to work for you. you're not buying the product. you're going to get the product anywhere. i'm going to sell you the product and work for you and take care of you and make sure that your needs and i'm there for you if you have a claim, whenever it's most important. one thing that is really nice about farm bureau, is that we're providing a service and taking care of somebody's needs, but in turn, you have to be a member. being a member of farm bureau, you're standing up for agriculture across our state. and standing up for conservative views as well as political. >> kelly: you don't have to have a farm. you don't have to live outside the city for you to work with them, is that right? >> guest: that's right. we sell almost every product. if we don't sell every product, we've got an avenue with our brokerage department, farm bureau, we can find a way to get you covered. whenever it gets down to it, you can buy a product from anywhere. but what you're buying is a service and an agent that you trust. because whenever you buy something from me, homeowners, farm, auto, life, i'm working for you. >> kelly: right. >> guest: i'm working for you, and i'm representing my company in the best way i can. >> kelly: you're going to go out of your way to make people feel comfortable and safe. >> guest: yes, yes. that's what our job is. to make people comfortable and let them know we're going to be there if somebody devastating happens. >> kelly: that's fantastic. thank

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