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Tips for Managing Remote IT Teams

By Makeda Waterman

A challenge organizations experience is fostering the development of remote employees. The reality is most at home workers sign in, complete work, interact with the team and end their shift. Most new employees are unfamiliar with how to move in an upward direction at a company while working from home. 

The information technology industry offers flexibility for employees to work in the office and at home. Developing employees requires more attention to detail than the experience of working in an office.

Do you manage remote employees? Here are helpful tips to succeeding in the telecommute space.

Virtual Interactions

One of the perks I appreciated while working a remote work environment is the fun aspect of social time in a virtual environment every Friday. Employees discussed personal topics like favorite TV shows, posted pictures of their family and learn about colleagues working in other areas of the company. An open chat with employees at all levels of the organization was available for people to ask questions during difficult situations on the job.

Gift Your Employees

What does gift employees mean? It means sending employees gift cards before Christmas to thank them for their hard work. If you work in a high stress environment offer massage therapy to increase employee retention. Employee retention means the ability to keep employees from leaving a place of employment to pursue new job opportunities. The mental health of people working in stressful environments can be reduced with an employee imitative program that takes care of employees.

 Make It Personal

A new employee that works from home needs a manager that makes the effort to speak with them on a personal level. It can be as simple as asking the person about the university they are attending, how their move was or how their children are doing. Achieving the results to have a successful team is important, but employees expect management to have an interest in them as an individual.

Be Honest 

Honesty is the best policy when managing remote workers. An employee can experience anxiety if a manager does not communicate their progress at work which includes strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few topics to discuss when providing feedback to employees:
  • * How to advance in the company
  • * Realistic action steps 
  • * Outline of mistakes
  • * Achievements
  • * Feedback from team members
An update on a quarterly basis is helpful for employees to rack their progress and find ways to interact with high performers on the team to improve.

Mentorship Programs

There are great employees new to working from home that need guidance. The guidance can go beyond help from a manager. The support from a high performer on the team is an opportunity to create a mentorship program. I recommend starting a mentorship program in the onboarding experience. It will set the tone the employee cares about the success of its employees decreasing the chance of an employee quitting in the first 3 months of employment.

Final Thoughts

An employer that is honest with employees, creates a fun environment, and recognizes team members can keep its employees long term. Imagine the feeling of working alone at home without a support system. A high achiever is bound to fail. An organization that offers a positive onboarding to long term employee experience can see a higher work productivity to help meet its bottom line. 

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