Modular Data Center Solutions To Record Substantial Deployment Across The IT And Telecom Industry

By Shreya Bhute

“As per a recent report by Global Market Insights Inc, modular data center market size is anticipated to cross USD 25 billion by 2027 in revenue.”

The rapidly increasing energy costs have pushed several businesses to strictly come up with effective solutions to limit the huge burdens on the operations of businesses. The various shortcomings of traditional data centers in terms of cooling and power options to match specific requirements in enterprises will also significantly favor the growth of this technology space.

Modular data centers are specially designed to cater to numerous changes in servers, such as cloud computing, virtualization, high density, and centralization while enhancing the operational efficiencies of the data centers. The mobility of these solutions allows users to deploy them in makeshift or remote locations and offer reduced energy consumption as well as attain the goal of zero interference and rapid expansion. 

Integration with standardized, modular, and highly integrated designs, rapid deployment, shorter construction period, environmental protection, and higher expendability are some key advantages associated with these data center solutions.

  • Rising footprint in the IT & telecom sector

Considering the growing requirements for standardization, virtual designs, modules, dynamic IT infrastructure, and 24/7 smart operations management in the IT department, the deployment of modular data center solutions will experience an upsurge in the near future.  The escalating need for business continuity support has stirred the higher focus on disaster recovery and process automation, further adding a positive edge to the industry application outlook.

Across the telecommunication arena, these solutions have rapidly expanded and been installed, as well as deployed in remote offices, say for temporary tasks. Service providers in this domain make use of modular designs for tacking the regulatory compliance requirements and network service optimization. The surging rate of deployment at cellular towers will also influence the market development.

  • Demand for all-in-one modular data center solutions to grow

In order to offer effective cooling, management, power supply, and distribution, firefighting, and IT cabinet sub-systems, as well as create a reliable, stable, and energy-saving environment, all-in-one modular designs are garnering significant popularity. They seamlessly combine power and thermal management among other systems that are pre-integrated to significantly reduce the deployment time and on-site work. These solutions are largely deployed across the industrial landscape and within research institutes, factories, smart cities, airports, enterprises, universities, financial institutions, railways, and carriers.

The rising adoption of prefabricated all-in-one enterprise modular data centers, mainly to provide sustainable as well as efficient solutions for OCP (Open Compute Project) hardware is another latest trend spurring the market growth.

In a nutshell, the lower deployment time of modular designs is helping businesses in competitive industries as they are much easier to commission in comparison to their traditional counterparts. They also provide various configuration solutions to support the electricity back-up based on the requirements of customers.

These benefits associated with the modular solutions has given way to a significant number of innovations in recent times, further creating multiple growth opportunities for the market progression. For instance, in November 2020, Huawei Technologies introduced its latest smart modular data center 5.0. This solution helps build a next-level data center intelligence by making the complete use of SmartLi, its proprietary smart lithium battery for implementing the full lithium battery backup.

Shreya Bhute

With corporate exposure in software and marketing, Shreya Bhute was always keen and intrigued by content development.

Having pursued her graduation in I.T. engineering along, she is employed as a content writer and jots down diverse articles across distinct areas of interest.

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