Lefebvre and Lexsoft present Smart Tags and Legal Review, two new tools for document management in law and consultancy firms

Carlos García-Egocheaga, CEO at Lexsoft: “Thanks to the application of AI it is possible to achieve anonymisation or classification of documents without human intervention.”

Madrid, Spain, 18 July 2022. Lefebvre, a leading provider of legal information solutions in Spain, and Lexsoft Systems, a leading provider of IT and business process solutions to the legal sector, have signed a strategic partnership for the development of solutions and value-added proposals in the field of document management and knowledge management (KM).

The first offering coming from this new partnership is the launch of Smart Tags and Legal Review, two solutions that automate some of the tasks currently carried out by IT and KM departments in law firms. Both solutions integrate into iManage, the document and email management system used by more than 75% of the Global Top 200 and 3,750 organisations worldwide.

Smart Tags automatically classifies millions of documents and enriches them with descriptors and identifies tags that allow professionals to perform qualitative searches on them. This application is positioned between document management and KM and provides considerable time savings in the study and location of key information when preparing a case.

On the other hand, Legal Review provides professionals with legal certainty and greater precision because it contextualises the legal information included in their working document. When the legal review process is launched, Lefebvre and Lexsoft’s services return a report of legislation and case law citations, alerts on repealed regulations, related doctrinal articles and additional information linked to the mementos.

According to Carlos García-Egocheaga, CEO of Lexsoft Systems, “With Smart Tags and Legal Review, we build bridges that facilitate the daily work of lawyers. We have managed to solve the gap that exists between the collection of perfectly analysed documents managed by the KM departments of law firms and the millions of unenriched documents stored by firms and companies.”

Alberto Larrondo, Legal Market Director at Lefebvre, explains, “We incorporate high-value information for the lawyer’s day-to-day work. With a simple click, Legal Review performs an exhaustive legal analysis of the client’s document and alerts on issues of particular interest before delivering the report to the client or a colleague, for example. It provides legal rigour and legal certainty, which are two issues of very high reputational value.”

Both solutions are the result of co-creation and co-operation between Lefebvre and Lexsoft and represent the spirit of the new Lefebvre Ecosystem where there is maximum integration across the toolset so that professionals can carry out their work with the highest possible ease and accuracy.

About Lefebvre
Lefebvre is a company that belongs to the French group Lefebvre Sarrut and offers practical solutions for the company and its advisors, present in eight European countries. Considered the leading software and legal content provider in Spain, Lefebvre is the author of the Mementos. Lefebvre employs over 450 people and had a revenue of more than €40 million in 2021.

About Lexsoft Systems
Lexsoft provides IT and business process solutions to the legal sector across Europe, United States and Latin America. The company assists law firms and corporate legal departments (CLD) to improve their document management, knowledge management, practice management, and CRM processes, to facilitate business efficiency, improve productivity and reduce risk. Lexsoft T3 is a proven knowledge management solution, offering one of the most comprehensive workflows for this business function. For more information visit: www.lexsoft.com.

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