New Developer Platform Tackles Enterprise Data Sharing Challenge with the Power of Digital Twins

Trusted Twin offers a developer platform for real-time data sharing among partners, removing barriers for developers and opening new opportunities for business collaboration

  • Using digital twin architecture, Trusted Twin solves operational data sharing for businesses of any size 
  • Platform is a cost-effective and resource-efficient way for developers to address data sharing challenges with enterprise-grade reliability and security
  • Backed by institutional and private investors, Trusted Twin’s team is composed of veteran tech executives and exited startup founders

GDANSK, Poland (22 Sept, 2022) – Trusted Twin, a developer platform for real-time data sharing, has raised $1 million in pre-seed funding led by ff Venture Capital, with participation from Presto Ventures, Movens Capital, RKKVC, Startup Wise Guys and several high-profile angel investors. The funds will be used to scale the team, build out the technology, and grow the customer base. 

Digital transformation – the mega-trend that is shaking up business operations everywhere – is leading to an explosion of data creation. Research house IDC, for example, is expecting a 23% volume growth up to 2025, with the amount of data created in the next five years predicted to be more than double the amount of data ever created until now. Handling data efficiently and finding novel ways to extract value from data are challenges facing most businesses right now. Sharing operational data with other businesses is likely to emerge as another core challenge facing most businesses moving forward, one of the major keys to unlocking new revenue.

This is where Trusted Twin hopes to make a difference: it offers a complete data layer for sharing operational data, ensuring trust and control between collaborating partners. Trusted Twin focuses on the untapped territory of operational data and has found a way to use the digital twin concept to solve the significant problems in the operational data sharing space. 

Trusted Twin provides capabilities for modelling, creating, storing and sharing virtual representations of almost any real or abstract objects that matter to businesses. Furthermore, Trusted Twin offers these in a trust-based, secure, reliable, and scalable framework. The platform provides a complete data sharing layer that addresses trust and control challenges, including control over the visibility and accessibility of data and protection from external harmful interferences. It also overcomes traditional complexities around interoperability and integration and offers seamless scalability backed by a serverless architecture. In short, Trusted Twin is an API-first, developer-focused platform that solves the problem of having to build a data sharing layer.

Krzysztof Malicki, CEO of Trusted Twin said: “Data sharing is becoming a business necessity, and clunky, time-consuming data sharing processes will certainly hamper business growth. Data sharing is one of IT’s major headaches, with most organizations lacking the tools and resources to develop the necessary frameworks. Our mission is to accelerate the digital transformation for almost any kind of organization and support the data sharing conundrum between partners with an innovative approach based on the digital twin concept. In essence, we are a data-sharing layer that takes non-functional requirements like scalability and availability off developers’ plate, so that they can stay focused on the core of their business.” 

Maciej Skarul of ff Venture Capital commented, “Today, digital transformation promises to revolutionize business. However, in reality, few projects reach their full potential. Real-time data sharing is the missing ingredient that is holding many organizations back, and this is the next key trend for the advancement of digital business. Trusted Twin is perfectly positioned to serve this explosion of data needs that business operations are already feeling. The US, where digital transformation is well advanced, provides a huge potential market. We are convinced that Trusted Twin’s technology will be like a workflow accelerator, making it very easy for different businesses to work together on shared data sets. The quantity of potential use cases is very impressive.”   

Trusted Twin was founded by a team of veteran IT startup executives who identified a market gap that currently hinders the effective sharing of data between different partners. With the help of $1 million in pre-seed funding, Trusted Twin is developing its product marketing roadmap and will focus on global customer acquisition before commencing a seed funding round. 

About Trusted Twin 

Trusted Twin is an early-stage startup that uses the digital twin concept to enable trust-based sharing of operational data. The platform provides a complete data-sharing layer that takes care of all non-functional mission-critical issues related to reliability, availability and scalability, letting developers focus on building applications and core functionalities. Established in 2021 in Gdańsk, Poland, by a team of veteran IT startup founders and tech executives, Trusted Twin is backed by ff Venture Capital, Presto Ventures, Movens Capital, RKKVC, Startup Wise Guys and several high-profile angel investors. The company has raised $1 million in funding to date. 

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