Botify Launches Botify Activation to Accelerate Speed to Market and Content Discoverability for the World’s Most Ambitious Brands

This latest offering adds powerful automation and scalability to a proven suite of enterprise organic search solutions.

New York City – January 31, 2023 — Botify, a leading performance marketing platform for organic search, today announced the launch of Botify Activation to empower organizations to regain control of how search engines and consumers find products and services organically online. 

A key suite within the Botify Platform, which already includes Botify Analytics and Botify Intelligence, Botify Activation connects insights about a website’s performance with making brands more discoverable online. By enabling scalable, automated site improvements and content discoverability, Botify Activation provides brands with the ability to expedite how search engines discover and interpret website pages—improving speed to market while also boosting efficiency across teams.

Specifically, Botify Activation is comprised of the following solutions:

  • SpeedWorkers: Serves fully-rendered pages to search engines, ensuring more content can be crawled, indexed, and ultimately found to drive traffic and revenue
  • PageWorkers: Automation capabilities that allow brands to make organic search changes to their website quickly and at scale
  • FastIndex: Easily generate optimized sitemaps to ensure that search engines prioritize the most critical content on your website

“Botify Activation has given us confidence that our strategic pages – ones that drive sales critical to our business – are being found by search engines and by potential buyers. We’ve seen substantial growth in revenue tied to these product pages, which is crucial during the holiday season and throughout the rest of the year,” said Dave Han, VP of Product, Neiman Marcus Group.

Remaining in control of how consumers find content through organic search results, by ensuring search engines can see a brand’s most valuable content, is vital in today’s digital age. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Botify shared that one third of both U.S. and U.K. searchers said they would change their search terms if they were not satisfied with the initial results, as opposed to clicking through multiple results pages. 

Botify Activation ensures that consumers find brands’ most relevant and strategic website pages during the initial search, creating touchpoints to maximize online revenue and reduce missed opportunities to connect with potential customers. 

“We can rapidly respond to seasonal opportunities on our website quickly with Botify Activation as it enables us to make organic search optimizations at scale, without the need for dev resources. We were able to insert the most relevant Black Friday dynamic keywords across all our product pages in minutes using Botify Activation. Without it, those optimizations would have taken months to be implemented,” said Wayne Burden, Global Head of SEO, Ecco.

Further, in the same survey, more than half of U.S. and U.K. respondents reported that they sometimes follow or convert to a new brand when finding one through search. This demonstrates that meeting consumers at the right moment on their search journey is essential to establishing and building trust—impacting bottom line and future revenue.

“With the current economic uncertainty, companies are forced to do more with less to generate higher profitability. Botify Activation addresses this challenge by empowering search professionals to automatically make website improvements to ensure the utmost visibility,” said Adrien Menard, CEO of Botify. “With optimizations now made within minutes instead of months, for every $1 invested in Botify Activation, they can generate 3x more return than with traditional advertising campaigns.”

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About Botify

Botify, a leading performance marketing platform for organic search, strengthens the digital brand experience by creating greater content findability. Using proprietary first-party data, Botify protects and scales organic web traffic by surfacing deeper insights and understanding behind hidden organic search ROI—offering intelligent opportunities to increase relevant search results, profitability and build better brand authority in parallel and at scale.


Natasha Koleas

PAN Communications

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