Evolv Technology® Works with James Island Charter High School to Help Make Safer Classrooms and Athletic Facilities

James Island joins more than 200 schools across the U.S. using Evolv

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Evolv Technology® (NASDAQ: EVLV), the leader in AI-based weapons detection security screening, today announced its partnership with James Island Charter High School (JICHS) in Charleston, South Carolina. The school joins over two dozen other school buildings in the state and hundreds around the county utilizing Evolv’s advanced security systems to help make campuses safer while supporting a connected, engaged, and welcoming school community.

James Island Charter High School uses Evolv’s state-of-the-art Evolv Express® solution to screen 1,600 students every day as they arrive through the building’s two entrances. The school also used one of its two systems at its football field, screening 5,000 people at one of its playoff games this fall.

School officials have noted that they are so pleased with the results that a third system is being added for exclusive use at its athletics events.

“School security is layered. We lock doors, we use security cameras, we check IDs,” said Brad Wilson, JICHS security director. “Evolv is the perfect addition to the security measures we have in place to try to deter a weapons-related event from happening in our building.”

James Island Charter High School tried two measures before finding success with Evolv. Using wands to check every individual student took too long and used too many personnel resources, and metal detectors set off alarms for benign items such as water bottles and cell phones.

With Evolv, JICHS students, staff, and visitors walk through without always having to stop or be searched. Evolv Express uses powerful sensor technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide safer, more accurate threat detection at unprecedented volume and speed. Only items deemed as threats prompt secondary checks. As a result, students move through much faster and in a lower stress manner and fewer staff members are needed to run the system.

The school also uses Evolv’s analytics platform, Evolv Insights®, to identify the busiest times students are coming through, and how to staff the systems accordingly. In upcoming football seasons, it will base staffing on traffic patterns observed at each of this year’s games utilizing the data from Evolv Insights.

More than 200 schools in the United States use Evolv as part of their security solutions, including six of the top 100 largest school districts in the country.

“From their ID checks to our weapons detection, Evolv is proud to be a part of James Island Charter High School’s approach to security,” said Peter George, CEO of Evolv Technology. “More and more schools are choosing Evolv to help keep their communities safer because we work with them to meet their specific security needs in the most effective manner. We bring our innovative solutions to schools so that the focus for students, staff and teachers can remain on education.”

About Evolv Technology

Evolv Technology (NASDAQ: EVLV) is transforming human security to make a safer, faster, and better experience for the world’s most iconic venues and companies as well as schools, hospitals, and public spaces, using industry leading artificial intelligence (AI)-powered weapons detection and analytics. Its mission is to transform security to create a safer world to work, learn, and play. Evolv has digitally transformed the gateways in places where people gather by enabling seamless integration combined with powerful analytics and insights. Evolv’s advanced systems have scanned more than 425 million people, second only to the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States. Evolv has been awarded the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) as well as the Security Industry Association (SIA) New Products and Solutions (NPS) Award in the Law Enforcement/Public Safety/Guarding Systems category. Evolv Technology®, Evolv Express®, Evolv Insights®, and Evolv Cortex AI® are registered trademarks of Evolv Technologies, Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions. For more information, visit https://evolvtechnology.com.

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