ThreatSpike Red Disrupts Elite Cybersecurity Market with Revolutionary Offensive Cybersecurity Service for all Businesses

Industry-first fixed price managed offensive security service aims to close the cybersecurity gap, strengthen customers’ cyber defence posture, and reduce risk

London, UK – [30th January 2023]: ThreatSpike, the straight-talking cybersecurity services company, today announced the launch of ThreatSpike Red, the industry’s first unlimited offensive cybersecurity service. ThreatSpike Red helps organisations of all sizes to close the cybersecurity gap by providing continuous unlimited testing and scanning of applications and websites to identify vulnerabilities.

The new managed service is the first of its kind to be offered on an affordable fixed-price basis, giving customers full visibility over cost, and making advanced offensive cybersecurity accessible to more organisations large and small. Compared to conventional pentesting conducted once or twice per year, ThreatSpike Red enables customers to undertake continuous cybersecurity evaluation, achieving greater depth through red team exercises that live-test defences. This helps companies take control of their cybersecurity posture, monitor performance, and respond to emerging threats to protect their businesses against cyberattacks and build customer trust.

Adam Blake, CEO and co-founder of ThreatSpike, explains, “In today’s challenging digital environment offensive cybersecurity shouldn’t be just a point-in-time activity, but the high cost of traditional pentesting services means most organisations can only afford to test infrequently, if at all. This creates a high-risk cybersecurity gap where adversaries have a large window of opportunity to attack quickly. The results can be devastating, from loss of revenue and reputation to compliance failures and enterprise collapse.

“ThreatSpike Red disrupts the traditional pentesting and cybersecurity services market by democratising access to offensive cybersecurity services through our transparent, fixed-price service. It means not only that more organisations can benefit from offensive cybersecurity, but also that they can protect their business on a continuous basis. In a difficult economic climate, our solution resolves the tension between security and cost at a time when managing both is critical to business success.”

ThreatSpike Red is offered on a per-employee pricing basis for SMBs:

  • Companies up to 250 employees: £5k per year
  • Companies up to 1000 employees: £10k per year
  • Companies up to 2000 employees: £15k per year

Enterprise pricing is available on request.

The service includes initial reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning, security assessment and reporting, together with unlimited red team attack exercises and penetration tests to stress-test systems and determine employee cyberthreat awareness. ThreatSpike Red is delivered by ThreatSpike’s highly experienced team of security specialists using a combination of manual and automated approaches.

ThreatSpike Red exceeds the requirements of NCSC Cyber Essentials certification, ensuring clients can demonstrate a robust approach to cybersecurity that gives customers confidence.

Adam Blake continues, “In our analysis of our work with hundreds of organisations, we’ve established that 70% of employees won’t report receiving a suspicious email to their security team. If a hacker gains access to a single machine in a company, there is a 90% chance it will result in a significant data breach, and the average company can be hacked and ransomed within a single day. On top of this, we find that companies are ill-prepared to respond to new threats and vulnerabilities, meaning they can be hacked before they even knew there was a risk. That’s why continuous offensive cybersecurity is so critical – it closes the gap and shrinks the window of opportunity for attackers.”

Adam continues: “By making offensive cybersecurity accessible to a larger group of organisations, ThreatSpike aims to help raise the level of cybersecurity performance across the board, limiting attacker opportunity and ensuring clients protect their customers, reputation, and revenues.”

ThreatSpike Red is available now. Learn more at ThreatSpike Red.


ThreatSpike is a cyber security management platform that works with both large and small businesses globally to deliver exceptional end to end cyber security. This ground-breaking company is disrupting the cybersecurity market as the only provider to simplify the complexity of managed security services into a SaaS product, enabling businesses to proactively manage cyber risk. ThreatSpike helps customers to take control of their security by offering clients a single seamless platform which is affordable and easy to navigate and that guarantees results for companies of all sizes.

Delivering security to over 50,000 machines worldwide, ThreatSpike is the first autonomous security expert that offers managed cyber security with a strong human approach to threat hunting and identifying security issues giving peace of mind to customers globally.

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