Glide Systems Inc Announces General Availability of Its Systems LifeCycle Management Solution

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Glide Systems Inc unveiled today the next generation Systems Lifecycle Management software, providing a platform for integrated product development.

Most products developed today are either mechatronic or cyber-physical systems. The amalgamation of hardware, electrical, electronic, optical, software and other domains’ artifacts need effective concurrent and coordinated engineering. Globalization, Individualization, and technological advancement have mandated and facilitated shorter innovation lifecycles. The faster innovation cycles have a profound impact on other phases of a product lifecycle. This requires customers to focus on their core competencies rather than gathering and searching for data. Existence of federated and siloed authoring systems to capture various aspects of product data is given, but this inhibits efficient product development and realization process.

“While the need of the hour is a digitally enabled enterprise, most digital transformation projects get stuck in a long drawn and expensive PDM implementation with a very low ROI. Our experiences in implementing existing PDM/PLM applications in aerospace, automotive, high-tech, medical devices, semiconductor industries, along with feedback from several customers were a catalyst to steer us towards developing the Glide suite of products. For customers data is a key asset and we have leveraged latest technologies to enhance the overall customer experience,” said Yogish Kode, Founder/CEO of Glide Systems Inc.

Glide SysLM is a easy to implement, nimble and agile integrated product development platform consisting of Glide-Yoke (PDM/PLM) and Glide-ThoR, OSLC standard based integrations to enterprise applications like Gitlab, Jira and other OSLC enabled applications to facilitate implementing the digital thread. It is a platform for cross-functional disciplines to communicate and collaborate efficiently.

Glide-Yoke is a collaborative product data management application. It provides a low code platform that can be deployed on premise or on cloud (AWS/GCP/Azure) with no compromises on functionality and features. It was built with a strong focus on customer experience. Glide-Yoke is OSLC enabled and can be easily integrated with other federated authoring applications. Glide-Yoke, offers a low-code platform where you can easily extend the schema and define business rules to reflect your industry domain, define and manage processes using BPMN 2.0 standard.

Current engineering processes are either document-centric and/or have siloed applications to capture product life cycle data. Data silos limit access to data for external and internal stakeholders leading to significant time and costs for projects. The ability to quickly react to changes and ensure data consistency across different applications, is compromised. Monolithic solutions are not answers to these problems. Digital Engineering helps address some of the above mentioned challenges. Traceability of product data as it evolves and matures need not be an expensive initiative. Glide-ThoR (Thread of Reasoning) provides a simple framework to define and manage your Digital Thread by providing inter-application traceability and accountability. It can seamlessly integrate into your existing web based enterprise applications. Leverage Glide-ThoR traceability to:

  • Define your digital thread needs based on Systems Engineering principles
  • Optimize your tool chain to provide an integrated product development platform. Glide-ThoR can be used with any web enabled PLM system
  • Ensure Compliance with Requirements
  • Manage technical dependencies across applications and facilitate design reviews
  • Perform impact analysis to facilitate change management including deviations and manage risks
  • Improve your product quality and promote reuse of assets
  • Generate Documentation and Reports for certifications

Our Open APIs allow you to integrate seamlessly with MES and ERP systems.

We have partnered with Crius Software to integrate their Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT offering, Pragmatos, to Glide SysLM providing enterprises to achieve close-loop systems lifecycle management. Pragmatos is a Low Code IoT platform to Monitor, Analyze, Optimize, visualize and Control your assets & that consists of modules for assets management, predictive maintenance, Fleet and things tracking, Real-time order fulfilment, Smart metering ( energy, water). Pragmatos can be integrated with legacy machines or assets and turn them into smart unit by monitoring, analyzing, optimizing and controlling the things. The Platform is integrated with Artificial Intelligence abilities which will analyze the data gathered through various sensors to predict and prevent the failures in advance by reducing the failure rate in a system. The platform can be connected to Device Agnostic IoT Network – CNC, PLC, Sensors and Other Machines with ModBus, ProfiBus, DNP3,RS 485, RS232, Fanuc, Siemens and custom protocols (Interfaces: OPC, CANBus, Analog/Digital inputs, BLE4.0, LoraWan, NB-IoT, SigFox, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet and more)

Please visit for more details about the product. You can reach us at for more information.


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