Strengthen Business Security, MBT Collaboration with Stellar Cyber Presents Open XDR Integrated Security Solution

JAKARTA, Indonesia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ai–PT Mega Buana Teknologi (MBT), a digital solutions provider and a subsidiary of the CTI Group, has officially entered into a strategic partnership with Stellar Cyber to provide integrated cybersecurity solutions in one Open XDR (Extended Detection and Response) platform. This collaboration is MBT’s step in an effort to meet business needs in Indonesia for more integrated cybersecurity.

Acceleration of technological developments and digitalization in the business environment, apart from driving business performance, also opens up many opportunities for cybercriminals in increasingly sophisticated and complex ways. According to a report from the PwC Digital Insights Survey: A Southeast Asia Perspective, remote working models are widespread (43%), and there has been accelerated cloud adoption (43%), increased use of the internet of things (34%), and increased supply chain digitization (32%); but these have not been matched by improved cybersecurity risk management strategies. Only 17% of companies in Southeast Asia have fully mitigated cybersecurity risks related to digitization and many have not implemented preventive measures to deal with cyberattacks.

Seeing this challenge, MBT cooperates with Stellar Cyber and collaborates to help companies in Indonesia overcome the complexity in maintaining cybersecurity, due to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and the MBT’s IT environment, which also continues to evolve as business increases. Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR is a cybersecurity solution integrated in one platform (all-in-one SecOps platform) which includes NexGen-SIEM, TIP, UEBA, NDR, SOAR, and other functions, thus offering efficiency and convenience for all business people in detecting, investigating and responding to cyberattacks.

“We want to help the digital transformation journey of business people in Indonesia by modernizing IT infrastructure in the simplest way, including cybersecurity. Seeing the number of cases related to cybersecurity that are increasingly sophisticated and diverse, plus the bring your own device (BYOD) work model, further increase the gaps for attacks, so the cybersecurity team needs a more modern approach. The Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform enables integrated and automated security management, making it easier for companies to ensure data security,” said Yuwono Pranata, CEO of MBT.

Stellar Cyber Open XDR makes it easy to manage data security from various networks, endpoints, clouds, and logs in one repository. This solution can automatically detect and correlate early warnings (alerts) using a multimodal threat detection engine based on machine learning (ML) technology. As a result, the platform enables faster and more accurate threat tracking because it is supported by contextual data and correlated incidents. This results in an 8-fold improvement in Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and a 20-fold improvement in Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).

“As part of the CTI Group’s expertise and extensive partner network, MBT is an ideal partner for us. With their support and services, we can offer innovative Open XDR solutions to a more extensive customer base, helping them mitigate risk by identifying and responding more quickly and accurately to cyberattack threats. This will provide cost efficiency while increasing productivity,” said Ivon Susan of Stellar Cyber.

Supported by a comprehensive range of MBT services, including assessment, implementation, 24/7 customer support and other services, MBT and Stellar Cyber are committed to empowering businesses with tough security measures and ensuring that customers’ digital assets are protected.

About MBT

PT Mega Buana Teknologi (MBT) is an entity under PT Computrade Technology International (CTI Group) as one of the largest distributors of IT solutions in Southeast Asia. MBT was founded in 2020 with the aim of becoming a leading digital infrastructure solution provider and working with business partners to provide IT solutions and successfully help companies journey cloud, analytics, data storage, covered, data protection, service and file sharing in facing increasingly competitive markets. By having experienced IT engineers and professionals, MBT will also ensure customers get comprehensive services of the highest quality in modernizing IT infrastructure, including implementing, managing and evaluating their IT solutions. For details, visit

About Stellar Cyber

Stellar Cyber delivers comprehensive, unified security without complexity, empowering lean security teams of any skill to secure their environments successfully. With the Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform, organizations reduce risk with early and precise identification and remediation of threats while slashing costs, retaining investments in existing tools, and improving analyst productivity, delivering an 8X improvement in MTTD and a 20X improvement in MTTR. The company is based in Silicon Valley. For more information, visit


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