Bloomreach Launches In-App Content Blocks, Giving Marketers a New Non-Disruptive Way to Personalize the Mobile App Experience

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bloomreach, the platform fueling limitless e-commerce experiences, today announced a new mobile app feature within Bloomreach Engagement that allows marketers to seamlessly embed personalized content into the app, without disrupting the customer’s scrolling experience. With in-app content blocks, Bloomreach Engagement gives mobile-based companies another way to reach customers while improving the app experience with real-time customer insights. With omnichannel and first-party data, marketers now have another way to incorporate personalized, dynamic content into their app for a seamless experience tailored to every customer.

Mobile has become an integral part of the customer journey. In retail alone, mobile e-commerce sales are projected to exceed $510 billion in 2023 and $710 billion in 2025. Similar to other channels, consumers expect their experiences to be personalized and fit their preferences, especially as they scroll through the mobile app. With in-app content blocks, marketers are able to naturally embed personalized content directly into the app without interrupting or altering the shopping journey and scrolling experience. This new feature goes beyond personalized in-app messages (pop-ups) or push notifications. Instead, Engagement’s newest feature allows for a more organic way to incorporate product recommendations or deliver promotions based on customer data and preferences.

Bloomreach’s built-in customer data engine, which connects to all channels including mobile app, is a critical component of in-app content blocks, processing and responding to customer behavior in real time. As the customer scrolls, the personalized content automatically adjusts, and as they interact with product pages, segments auto-update within milliseconds. Because of Bloomreach’s customer data engine, marketers are able to provide an experience that is continuously personalized and customers are able to see content that is consistently relevant.

“Bloomreach has always prioritized meeting shoppers where they are, and with in-app content blocks, marketers are able to seamlessly and organically integrate personalized content into their customers’ mobile experience without disruption,” said Michal Novovesky, General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Engagement. “In-app content blocks are also an opportunity for Engagement users to optimize their omnichannel strategy by leveraging first-party data and extending the reach of other channels ranging from email to SMS. We look forward to seeing how marketers will take more control over the app experience with this new feature and leverage a new layer of personalization.”

Learn more about how Bloomreach Engagement helps hundreds of leading brands and marketers drive personalized customer journeys through mobile apps.

About Bloomreach

Bloomreach personalizes the e-commerce experience. It unifies real-time customer and product data so businesses understand what customers really want. By connecting that understanding to every channel, the e-commerce experience becomes limitless — continuously reflecting a changing customer as they shop. With the scale of AI, this creates endless new paths to purchase, greater profitability, and fast business growth. Bloomreach products include: Engagement, a marketing automation platform; Discovery, an e-commerce search solution; and Content, a headless content management system. The company has multiple AI patents and serves 850+ global brands including: Albertsons, Bosch, Puma, and Marks & Spencer. Visit for more information.


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