TheMathCompany Unveils Comprehensive Suite of Generative AI Offerings

Empowers enterprises to unlock the power of GenAI and Large Language Models

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AITheMathCompany (MathCo), an Illinois-headquartered leading global data analytics and engineering firm, has introduced ground-breaking suite of Generative AI offerings for its clients. The transformative offerings set a new standard for intelligent decision-making, and leveraging innovation to empower businesses with speed to value.

MathCo’s GenAI offerings are poised to revolutionize the enterprise AI and analytics landscape by offering bespoke consulting services and solutions. The full-service suite comprises –

  1. GenAI Advisory: Crafting and executing strategic GenAI roadmaps and use-case prioritization based on MathCo’s proprietary ‘Generative AI Grid’.
  2. LLM Engineering: Developing, monitoring, and optimizing public or private LLMs to align with specific enterprise use cases.
  3. Toolkit Engineering: Empowering clients with seamless LLM integration into applications or workflows, bolstered by specialized LLM toolkit.
  4. Business Insights and Solutions: MathCo’s Co.dx brings together a set of GenAI accelerators to aid creation of business apps and solutions.

MathCo is committed to assisting clients in crafting bespoke GenAI solutions, drawing on deep technical expertise in LLM engineering, a human-in-the-loop design approach, and an agile custom product development strategy.

Anuj Krishna, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer, TheMathCompany, said, “With extensive interest in LLMs across industries, we are enabling several of our progressive clients adopting this technology for multifaceted purposes. We have meticulously crafted this suite of offerings that ranges from insightful guidance and consultation to establishment of LLM models tailored for their distinct requirements. Our Generative AI Grid acts as a compass, helping companies prioritize GenAI use cases based on their maturity. It empowers organizations navigate complexity while assessing business context for specific use cases.”

Sourav Banerjee, Head of Innovation, TheMathCompany, said, “At MathCo, we help clients develop custom GenAI solutions through our deep technical expertise in LLM engineering. We focus on human-in-the-loop philosophy for AI systems coupled with our agile approach for custom product development. Co.dx offers accelerators across lifecycles of GenAI applications that encompass custom LLM accelerators, toolkits for GenAI applications, document processing modules, and conversational assistants. This is the future of decision-making, and I am certain that our clients will gain substantial value from these offerings.”

MathCo has successfully implemented these offerings across diverse industries and business functions, spanning marketing, product innovation, HR solutions, customer feedback analysis, document insights, and scientific research prioritization. In tandem, MathCo has curated a GenAI workshop to empower businesses with comprehensive understanding and practical applications of LLMs and Generative AI. This workshop provides enterprise leaders with the tools to effectively leverage this transformative technology.


Chandni Bose

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