Gregory FCA Launches AI Podcast “The Disruption Is Now,” Hosted by CEO & Communications Expert Greg Matusky

Podcast features candid conversations with top marketing leaders and AI practitioners, launches live from the show floor at the VOICE & AI Conference

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Generative AI has ushered in a period of massive disruption, and Gregory FCA CEO Greg Matusky will unpack the countless transformations and opportunities in his new podcast, “The Disruption Is Now.” Launching today, the show introduces marketers and communications professionals to the trailblazers in the age of AI, offering a front-row seat to the disruption as it’s happening.

The first episode was recorded live from the show floor of the VOICE & AI Conference in Washington, D.C., and is now available on all podcast platforms and YouTube. Listen now for conversations with:

  • Ian Collins, CEO of Wysdom, and a champion of chatbots and conversational AI.
  • Dr. Joe Turow, Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Media Systems & Industries at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, whose work lies at the intersection of marketing, digital media, and society.
  • Chad Gerber, Musician, Founder and Creator, Meloscene, a metaverse platform.
  • Susan Westwater, CEO and Co-Founder of Pragmatic Digital and Strategy Director at Vixen Labs, who recently published the book “Voice Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Conversational AI to Drive Customer Engagement.”

A professional writer and communications leader for four decades, Matusky brings a fresh perspective on the impact of generative AI. As the founder and owner of Gregory FCA, one of the nation’s largest public relations firms, he has a unique vantage point for the changes underway.

In future episodes, Matusky will speak with Yelena Melamed, Head of Product at, which uses AI to help financial advisors identify top prospects and increase conversions by 2-3x. He’ll also dig into the world’s first polygraph voice AI for corporate earnings, a technology built by Sean Austin, Co-Founder and CEO of Helios Life Enterprises.

“There are thousands of AI podcasts out there, but we’re doing something different,” said Matusky. “So many talk about what AI means philosophically or legally or ethically. This podcast is about how to actually use it, and we’re going to find out by talking to the people who are harnessing AI right now to achieve things that weren’t possible a year ago. They saw the disruption and they seized the opportunity. Now their experience and insight can be the catalyst for advancing the careers of every marketer and communicator.”

In addition to launching “The Disruption Is Now,” Matusky led two sessions on the impact of AI at the VOICE & AI Conference: “The Disruption is Now: AI and Its Impact on Human Storytelling,” and “The Disruption is Now in Financial Services: A Panel Discussion,” which featured James Patterson, former Vice President and Head of Digital Strategies for Capital One and now CEO of Dreamteams; Firoze Lafeer, CTO of Angaza; and Sean Austin, CEO and Founder of Helios Life Enterprises.

Matusky has become a leading voice in implementing AI in corporate communications and public relations. He spearheaded Gregory FCA’s generative AI practice more than two years ago, leading the development of in-house tools that have fueled creativity and productivity. In March 2023, Gregory FCA released one of those tools, an AI-enabled news release writing app called Write Release, available for free online.

Gregory FCA, the agency of record for the VOICE & AI Conference, has a growing AI practice, with clients across cybersecurity, supply chain & logistics, personal communication, and other industries that are introducing AI-driven offerings.

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