New GigaOm Radar Highlights Torq Hyperautomation’s “Exceptional” Case Management, Collaboration, Automated Alert, and Autonomous Operations Capabilities

Leading analyst firm GigaOm further lauds Torq for its “extensive feature set” and “impressive portfolio of customers”

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Torq, the security hyperautomation leader, today announced the influential analyst firm GigaOm has released a new GigaOm Radar report that compares the capabilities of key security automation vendors. It specifically explores vendors that have developed their automation platforms “beyond initial SOAR capabilities to offer more holistic experiences to security analysts” including case management, threat enrichment, visual correlations, and AI-based autonomous operations.

“Torq is an enterprise-grade security automation solution for no-code, low-code, and as-code automations,” the report states. “It offers a rich templates library addressing automation for various pillars of a cybersecurity program, such as SecOps, threat intelligence, threat hunting, cloud security, application security, identity and access management, device management, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and others.”

The report further states that Torq “offers an extensive feature set, as reflected in its high scores across most of the key criteria, including case management, and collaboration, automated alert prioritization, triage and curation, autonomous operations, and validation and red teaming, and has acquired an impressive portfolio of customers.”

GigaOm focuses deeply on Torq’s sophisticated Case Management offering that hyperautomates security signal detection, streamlines decision making, and automatically enriches data.

“For case management and collaboration, Torq offers a built-in case management system developed in-house and integrated with the solution’s event-driven architecture and security automation capabilities,” the report states. “Torq also offers out-of-the-box bi-directional integrations with leading case management systems such as ServiceNow, Jira, and Zendesk, as well as communication platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco WebEx. Torq supports in-the-platform virtual war rooms as part of its case management, and its multi-workspace architecture and granular RBAC can involve multiple teams across organizational disciplines: security, IT, engineering, business lines, and human resources.”

The report goes on to offer a detailed perspective on the just-announced Torq Socrates, cybersecurity’s first Tier-1 analysis AI Agent. Torq Socrates is designed to transform security operations by using AI to hyperautomate key security operations activities, including alert triage, contextual data enrichment, and incident investigation, escalation, and response.

“Torq offers autonomous operations features for both the workflow design process and the workflow run time of processing security events,” the report states. “Design-time capabilities consist of assistive development of automated processes, such as summarization for successful collaboration, improvement, development co-pilots, and the like. Run-time capabilities consist of data enrichment and data-driven suggestions to assign specific teams or analysts based on their profile, ownership, and history, and to recommend investigative steps to help understand the issue and containment actions that can help stop the negative effect and allow remediation as part of a process to resolve the issues completely.”

“GigaOm is renowned for its in-depth analysis of complex product capabilities and its detailed perspective on Torq Hyperautomation provides tremendous validation of the critical value it delivers to enterprises worldwide,” said Leonid Belkind, CTO and Co-Founder, Torq. “GigaOm’s recognition of Torq as the highest-ranked dedicated automation solution as both leader and outperformer underscores our relentless commitment to hyperautomation innovation. Every day, each Torq staff member is driven to make it as easy as possible for customers to comprehensively protect themselves from the dramatically escalating volume and velocity of cyber threats.”

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