SumUp Launches Category-Leading 7AM Payouts In The UK

For no additional fee, SumUp One subscribers can now receive their SumUp funds by 7AM the next day

London, 21 September 2023: Global fintech SumUp has launched 7AM payouts in the UK, a first-of-its-kind feature, giving merchants near-instant access to their money. As the UK cost of living crisis persists, SumUp has responded by working with merchants to ensure they get their money faster, to help manage cash flow and keep up with expenses.

SumUp continually seeks input from merchants on areas for improvement and ways of enhancing their ever evolving product suite, to make business as simple as possible for merchants. Receiving even faster payouts has been a regularly requested service by merchants, as it offers optimal flexibility for their finance management.  

Until now, payouts typically took one to two business days to land in a merchant’s nominated account once sent, and merchants could choose how often payouts are sent (daily, except for bank holidays and weekends; weekly, every Monday; and monthly, every third business day of the following month).

Any money earned via SumUp before midnight will be paid into a nominated bank account by 7AM the next day for SumUp One subscribers – inclusive of weekends and public holidays, with no additional fee charged. 7AM payouts by SumUp will be the earliest payout available on the market, giving merchants peace of mind that their money will be in their account before the first coffee of the day.

SumUp CEO Europe Michael Schrezenmaier said: “We have always made it easier for merchants to get paid – and what can simplify business more than releasing funds even faster than before. SumUp merchants work hard for their money and we’re only too happy to have launched this category-leading 7AM payouts for SumUp One subscribers in the UK. Faster funds access is crucial for merchants amidst the UK’s cost of living crisis and in regular times, will give merchants more control over their money, aiding cash flow management”.

At first, 7AM payouts will be an exclusive perk for SumUp One subscribers. SumUp One is a multi-product subscription which combines the best of the SumUp product suite in a single, unified offering for merchants. 

The subscription plan enables merchants to save money on products such as proprietary SumUp hardware and capitalise on lower transaction fees, because of the low fixed monthly cost. For £29 per month, merchants can now enjoy a host of benefits, including lower transaction fees (from 1.69% to 0.99%), next day business payouts (instead of the standard 1-2 days), money off SumUp hardware such as 50% off the SumUp Solo Card Reader), and unlimited invoicing. 

In addition to cost savings for merchants, SumUp One greatly improves business efficiency by combining payment requirements in one ecosystem, which makes for easier reporting and cash management. 

7AM payouts have been automatically applied to SumUp One memberships at no extra charge.

About SumUp

SumUp is a leading global financial technology company driven by the purpose of levelling the playing field for small businesses. Founded in 2012, SumUp is the financial partner for more than 4 million small merchants in over 36 markets worldwide, helping them start, run and grow their business. Through its Super App, SumUp provides merchants with a free business account and card, an online store, and an invoicing solution – as well as in-person and remote payments seamlessly integrated with SumUp’s card terminals and point-of-sale registers. SumUp is committed to leveraging its success to make the world a better place: it has pledged to donate 1% of its revenue to support environmental causes and advocates for various educational and entrepreneurial projects around the world. In 2022 SumUp was recognised as a Top Global Employer for the LGBTQ+ community by the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. For more information, please visit

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