Vcinity Announces General Availability of Vcinity Accelerate™

New software offering to allow easy-to-use, hyper-fast data movement of any data anywhere

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#cloud–Vcinity, Inc. announced today the availability of Vcinity Accelerate™, an advanced software offering that leverages Vcinity’s high-speed unstructured data transfer technology in an easy-to-use format to automate file and object data transfers over any distance for organizations who need to move their data.

Vcinity Accelerate is a data movement solution that leverages Vcinity’s Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Wide Area Network (WAN) technology to enable data transfer at very high speeds with unparalleled performance. The new offering is part of the same family of products as Vcinity Access™, which offers both remote data access and data movement.

“Vcinity Accelerate allows organizations to deliver data more quickly, more efficiently, and more securely to the users and applications who need it, without manipulating the data,” said Russ Davis, COO and chief product officer, Vcinity. “Organizations can drop it into their existing architectures without expensive or difficult storage, server, network, or application changes. Our goal remains to increase productivity, optimize operations, and accelerate time to insights and action.”

Designed to be an easy-to-use data movement solution that doesn’t require compression and deduplication, Vcinity Accelerate consists of an easy-to-use user interface, APIs for application integration, and a pre-deployment network testing utility. Vcinity Accelerate VMs may be deployed across hybrid, multi and distributed cloud, on-prem, or co-lo environments. It moves data between NFS/ SMB/ S3 storage types across any distance with a built-in translation capability. The result is hyper-fast data movement over existing networks (such as fiber, internet, satellite or 5G) and across edge, on-prem, or cloud(s), which enables organizations to leverage dispersed data in near real-time and even feed data-intensive AI and ML engines from data across the globe. This expedited data transfer helps customers minimize productivity delays due to waiting on data, smooth operations, and accelerate time to insights, action, and value.

Vcinity Accelerate also features Vcinity Insight™, a network validation tool that evaluates and reports on the pre-deployment state (network performance, efficiency, etc.) of the WAN between desired deployment locations, allowing teams to configure the software based on actual network parameters and characteristics.

To understand more about the Vcinity Accelerate benefits such as accelerating time to insights and improving operational SLAs, all via a hassle-free implementation that does not require organizations to change their existing architecture, visit the Vcinity Accelerate product page.

About Vcinity, Inc.

Vcinity is the only company that enables real-time global data access and operability on file and object data in public, private, hybrid or multi- cloud, on-premise, colocation datacenter, or cloud environment. Vcinity allows applications and users to instantly access data, no matter where it lives, enabling organizations to accelerate time to intelligent insights and to optimize business outcomes. Through a patented technology, the company solves the challenges of utilizing large, dispersed data sets to enable mission-critical, distributed data applications around the world. To find out more about Vcinity, visit or check out the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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