Arkose Labs Triumphs at 20th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for Cybersecurity

Arkose MatchKey lauded as top Gold Winner in category of botnets and bot defense

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#botArkose Labs, the leader in bot management and account security, is thrilled to announce its win at the 20th Annual 2024 Globee Cybersecurity Awards. The Globee® Awards, a leading authority in recognizing business excellence globally, has honored the marquee Arkose MatchKey product for outstanding innovation and effectiveness in cybersecurity.

The Globee Cybersecurity Awards spotlight the achievements of companies and individuals excelling in risk management, threat detection, cloud security, data privacy, and beyond.

Arkose MatchKey solves a singular need in the marketplace: Traditional CAPTCHAs fail because bots get around them. But Arkose MatchKey challenges are designed to meet modern threats head-on and are differentiated because they provide the best of defensibility, usability, and accessibility in one product.

Arkose MatchKey is a state-of-the-art series of challenges with industry-leading security including an unparalleled variety of 3D imagery. Its strongest challenges may produce more than 1,250 variations of a problem to solve. All are incredibly easy for legitimate users, but the variety makes it incredibly difficult to solve with automation. Arkose Labs uses a key image to solve the largest problem with challenge design: Conveying instructions that are universally understandable across all languages and cultures. Large, aesthetically pleasing images are easy to see. The solution means no more zooming in, trying to find traffic lights in blurry photos.

Arkose Labs tests its challenges against state-of-the-art machine learning as well as testing with humans. By iterating against machine learning, the company knows exactly what it would take for an attacker to automate a challenge. The company’s strongest challenges can result in a half-million individual images that an attacker would have to hand-label for a machine learning algorithm.

Every Arkose MatchKey challenge is also tested on humans. Arkose Labs releases challenges only when they meet very strict usability benchmarks. Its strongest puzzles, designed for bad actors, have no impact on good user completion-rates. Its challenges are certified compliant with WCAG 2.2 accessibility standards. They are fully keyboard operable and screen reader compatible, and as such can be used with a range of assistive technologies such as braille displays, switch devices, and sip-and-puff devices, and many more.

“This accolade underscores the company’s commitment to securing digital infrastructures and safeguarding against cyber threats.” said Ashish Jain, Chief Product Officer, Arkose Labs. “Receiving this award from the Globee Awards validates our innovative efforts and unwavering dedication to customer security. This acknowledgment fuels our ongoing commitment to excellence in cybersecurity.”

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About Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs, a trusted leader in bot management and account security, safeguards the world’s largest B2C enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and trailblazing businesses. Its AI-powered Arkose Bot Manager platform provides detection and protection, precisely distinguishing legitimate consumers from malicious bots and diminishing adversaries’ financial gains by increasing attack effort and cost. G2 consistently ranks Arkose Labs high for customer satisfaction and extensive market presence, based on verified customer reviews. Innovating the first cybersecurity industry guarantee program, the company offers $1 million warranties for credential stuffing, card testing, and SMS toll fraud. Arkose Labs is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with global offices in Asia, Australia, Central America, and South America.


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