Cloaked Wireless Announces Cryptographically Secure, Unlimited Data Plans to Protect Against SIM Swap Attacks, Now Available 

Free Wireless Service for Life offered to major BTC core developers on an exceptional nationwide nation’s most secure mobile network to celebrate the launch

LOS ANGELES – March 7 2024– Cloaked Wireless, the secure wireless company safeguarding mobile users from the rising threat of unauthorized SIM swaps and port-out attacks, today announced its new mobile plans, now available at Mobile users can sign up for unlimited plans ranging from $25 to $75 on the most secure network, and can pay for service with Bitcoin as well as traditional payment options. As the only wireless provider in the US to accept Bitcoin for payment, Cloaked Wireless stands out as a vanguard within the industry, reinforcing commitment to cyber security and customer care.

“Most wireless providers can’t offer full security against SIM swaps which are often a combination of cybercrime and human error,” said Jeremy Hill, CEO of Cloaked Wireless. “With Cloaked Wireless, we’re optimizing security by limiting our access to user data and leveraging open source and proven authentication technologies to ensure users are in control of their accounts and their own data privacy.” 

For customer convenience, mobile users can sign up for a new service plan with Cloaked Wireless or transfer from a current service provider. Simply choose a plan, create an account, and pay with credit card or Bitcoin (over lightning or on chain). Each plan comes with custom security options, an eSIM or a Cloaked Wireless SIM card. Cloaked Wireless also operates on a BYOE (Bring your own everything) policy, allowing users to bring their unlocked phones and keep their numbers. 

Cloaked wireless eliminates the human risk of SIM swap attacks by removing the ability of staff to modify or authorize accounts. Instead, Cloaked Wireless uses enhanced security around account creation and authentication, while only collecting and retaining the least amount of data required by regulators. Plus, user data is never sold to third parties, so there’s no reason to keep any unrequired data.

Cloaked Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). MVNOs are a way for consumers to broaden their service options at affordable prices without sacrificing service. Developed by a team of crypto, privacy and security experts including former Chief Security Officer of River Financial and Blockstream, Jonathan Wilkins and Jeremy Hill, a 22-year tech veteran, Cloaked Wireless is a secure MVNO committed to solving the problem of SIM swap attacks, which affect hundreds of thousands of mobile users and result in millions in losses of stolen data and money. As mobile devices handle more personal and financial information, almost every wireless subscriber is vulnerable to these attacks. Cloaked Wireless plans offer an unprecedented solution powered by an exceptional nationwide 

an exceptionally powerful nationwide 5G network with secure unlimited talk, text and data. 

Free Wireless Service for Life offered to BTC core developers

In celebration of the launch, Cloaked Wireless is offering a limited time promotion to BTC core developers, allowing those with 10 or more commits to access free wireless service for life on Cloaked Wireless. To qualify, developers must be based in the USA as plans do not include international long distance or international roaming. “Free wireless for life” service consists of the ability to activate an account and access any Cloaked Wireless plan at no cost for that account for as long as Cloaked Wireless provides those services. Cloaked Wireless reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts that are inactive and/or unused for a period greater than 6 months; and plans subject to Cloaked Wireless standard terms and conditions. To find out more about this promotion, visit

To claim this promotion, please contact @cloakedservices on github from the username associated with your contributions. To sign up for a plan, visit

About Cloaked Wireless

Cloaked Wireless was founded by diehard cypherpunks and world-class information security experts. All of that experience and expertise goes into auditing, testing and ensuring that our systems provide a safe and secure experience protected against malicious intent. This talented pool of security experts is also how Cloaked Wireless can continually introduce new features to enhance the security and privacy of our subscriber’s wireless service. Cloaked Wireless is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cloaked Services Inc. Cloaked Services Inc is a privacy and security company creating product and service offerings that help everyone be private and secure. Visit to get started. 

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