EmpowerHealth Gains Market Momentum with Product Updates and Proven Client Success

The company’s focus on improving health, one conversation at a time, resonates with healthcare executives

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#SDOH–EmpowerHealth, the leader in AI-enabled conversational digital health engagement, announces today significant milestone achievements, which signal robust market momentum. The company shares this news about noteworthy success through a series of strategic market moves, including significant product updates and proven client success, at HIMSS ‘24, which takes place March 11 to 15 in Orlando, Fla.

“We’re excited to celebrate this pivotal moment when AI isn’t just a concept but a powerful tool embraced by healthcare organizations to revolutionize healthcare and drive down costs,” says Bud Flagstad, CEO of EmpowerHealth. “We’re committed to responsibly helping clients leverage AI to empower individuals, enhance member and patient outcomes, and reshape the healthcare experience.”

Key highlights include product updates and proven client success:

Product updates. Available on March 11, EmpowerHealth’s digital health offering now consists of four products, which include:

  1. EmpowerIdentify, which offers targeted, point-in-time engagements to capture data and deliver insights, at scale. For example, EmpowerIdentify can help facilitate the outreach for and the completion of PHQ-9 questionnaires to monitor mental health or targeted health risk assessments to help drive SDOH initiatives.
  2. EmpowerEducate, which delivers time-sensitive and personalized conversations that inform and drive awareness efforts. For example, this product educates members and patients about behavioral health providers and resources and streamlines access to educational content that improves health outcomes.
  3. EmpowerActivate, which offers conversational engagement that motivates consumers to utilize services such as mail order for medications or other therapies.
  4. Empower360°, which delivers continuous consumer participation that enables a long-term engagement with the company’s digital health assistant.

Proven client success. EmpowerHealth partners with health plans, health providers, employers, and pharmacy benefit managers to extend outreach and engagement capacity by more than 600%.

A large multinational payer partners with EmpowerHealth to conduct regular outreach for its diabetes population quality improvement program. The interactions identify members who need triage, transfer to a clinician, or access to other resources. Through converting voice and text to data and producing real-time analytics for hundreds of thousands of members, this major health insurer achieves the following results:

  • 10% to 30% reduction in emergency room utilization
  • 25% boost in engagement among the diabetes population
  • 1% to 4% increase in closed HEDIS gaps for diabetes

“Our focus on holistic health is a key differentiator for EmpowerHealth,” says Flagstad. “Strategic investments in our product suite demonstrate our embrace of the entire healthcare engagement spectrum. The extensions of our product suite have yielded powerful validation from the market that EmpowerHealth is addressing the acute needs of health plans, health providers, employers, and pharmacy benefit managers.”

Nick Martin, chief information officer and executive vice president of product, says, “We believe that the future of health engagement lies in natural, meaningful, and personalized conversations. EmpowerHealth’s digital health platform goes beyond just text-based and chat communication, providing a human-like interaction for members, patients, employees, and other individuals engaged in health improvement.”

“Our nine years of experience in healthcare and demonstrable investment in research and development sets us apart in a market where many solutions fall short in delivering a truly engaging and effective conversational experience,” adds Martin. “EmpowerHealth delivers an unrivaled patient and member experience and business intelligence that helps healthcare executives target scarce resources where they’re most needed.”

About EmpowerHealth

EmpowerHealth is improving health, one conversation at a time. We forge impactful partnerships with health providers and payers to seamlessly connect individuals with enhanced health outcomes through the power of multi-modal conversation and augmented intelligence. Our leading AI-enabled digital health navigator can help confirm eligibility, close gaps in care, improve medication adherence, reduce hospital admissions, enable value based care, and alleviate unnecessary caregiver and clinician administration, which results in better health and financial outcomes. Learn more at empowerhealth.ai.


Aine Cryts, acryts@empowerhealth.ai, 978-267-5280

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