EPX.Global launches groundbreaking AI acceleration platform, empowering members to elevate every aspect of their lives

Members, including CEOs, Olympians, artists and explorers, gain access to AI for precision health, networking and faster achievement

MARFA, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EPX.Global, the first AI-centric accelerator platform for achievement, adventure and personal performance, announced its launch today, inviting growth company CEOs, investors, artists, scientists, explorers and athletes to create their greatest return on life.

Tech companies have long provided the tools to connect. But missing has been the safety, strength and guiding light of a culture that trades divisive language for acceptance, isolation for inspiration and wasted time on micro-entertainment ads for time spent advancing one’s life — all of which EPX provides with the help of AI.

With a global user base originally founded by tech CEOs, astronauts, Olympic gold medalists, top DJs, legendary explorers and growth-focused entrepreneurs alike, EPX delivers a platform that includes AI for health, networking and business while enveloped by a unique culture of performance, ambition and humility.

“EPX is beyond a tech platform or even a global network; it is a cultural ecosystem that dramatically empowers and elevates everyone with the strength of the network itself,” said Paul Kirchoff, founder and CEO of EPX.Global.

This significant moment comes as EPX unveils new innovations and initiatives, underscoring the platform’s commitment to providing valuable tools, connections and resources that change the trajectory of each member’s life.

Platform users have exclusive access to breakthrough features, such as:

  • AI for Health, which predicts members’ unique biology and recasts optimal work, sleep, food and fitness patterns
  • AI for Networking, which connects members to people, events and knowledge based on their business needs, experiences or impact interests
  • AI Executive Team, where C-level AI execs are automatically trained on a member’s business
  • Network Economy, which enables members to earn credits by assisting others

There are systems to methodically transform health and business performance with AI, constant masterclasses on subjects from genetic engineering to operationalizing AI in business, and experiences that range from riding horses with the Mongolian Eagle Hunters to art shows in the immersive web.

“EPX has strengthened every aspect of my life. The platform even encourages balance, reminding me to log off and enjoy life on a Saturday — it’s about caring for members’ well-being,” shared Angie Dubois, EPX member and growth company CEO.

Built in the shadows of existing social and business networks, EPX’s platform and culture are designed to remove the traditional burdens of yesterday’s social media platforms: filtered photos, newsfeeds to maintain or political talk.

The company is constantly breaking new ground in technology, operational business systems and shaping a network economy where helping others is a currency that can be earned to further strengthen a member’s own future.

“This is the start of a cultural movement to spend less time with heads buried in phones flipping through micro-videos and more time advancing your life in meaningful ways,” Kirchoff added. “Today’s announcement is a testament to the collective power and vision of the entire EPX network around the world.”

To learn more about EPX.Global and to join this extraordinary network, please visit our website at https://epx.global.

About EPX

EPX.Global, established in 2021, stands as a trailblazing AI-centric accelerator platform dedicated to fostering achievement, adventure and personal performance. Harnessing innovative artificial intelligence for health, networking and business, our diverse network features astronauts, Olympic champions, top-tier athletes, renowned artists, explorers and leading entrepreneurs.

At the heart of the EPX culture are five core values: helping first, continuous growth, experiences over things, do good/leave better and relentless innovation. EPX.Global encourages members to combine lofty ambitions with profound humility, to pursue perpetual self-improvement and to seek the fullest return on life.

To learn more about EPX.Global and to join this extraordinary network, please visit our website at https://epx.global.


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