LogRhythm and RedLegg are Now Delivering Cloud-Native SIEM Capabilities to Security Operations Teams

LogRhythm Axon is Now Available to RedLegg Customers as Part of its Results-Driven Security Offerings

BROOMFIELD, Colo., April 9, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE) — LogRhythm, the company helping security teams stop breaches by turning disconnected data and signals into trustworthy insights, today announced its partnership with RedLegg, a master provider of information security services. This strategic partnership aims to empower businesses with enhanced security capabilities through LogRhythm’s groundbreaking cloud-native SIEM platform, LogRhythm Axon.

LogRhythm Axon is revolutionizing security operations with its cloud-native architecture designed to simplify threat detection, investigation, and response. RedLegg’s managed security services combined with LogRhythm Axon provide enterprises with comprehensive security solutions tailored to customers’ unique needs. By leveraging LogRhythm Axon’s advanced features such as cloud-to-cloud security measures, parsing engine insights, and simplified incident response tools, organizations can effectively detect and respond to cybersecurity threats in real-time.

“Our partnership with LogRhythm goes beyond technology. We share a common vision of a future where organizations have the tools and expertise needed to effectively combat modern cyber threats,” said Lynn Weddle, Partner at RedLegg. “By partnering with LogRhythm and integrating LogRhythm Axon into our offerings, we are further strengthening our ability to protect our customers’ digital assets and mitigate emerging threats effectively. LogRhythm Axon will also enable us to deliver even more value to our customers by providing them with comprehensive services to manage their security operations.” 

Key benefits of LogRhythm Axon include:

  • Flexible Cloud-Native SaaS Platform: Easy scaleability as your business grows.
  • Security Analytics: Leverage automated detections for security use cases and out-of-the-box content mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
  • Automatic Log Collection and Enrichment: Simply onboard and manage on-premises and cloud log sources for maximum visibility.
  • Enhanced Analyst Experience: Spend more time investigating threats versus configuring the platform.
  • Save Time: LogRhythm Axon’s cloud-native architecture removes infrastructure hassles, letting you focus on security priorities. 
  • Gain Comprehensive Visibility: Seamlessly collect data from diverse sources, ensuring a centralized, unified console.
  • Swift Threat Identification: Enhance your monitoring, detection, investigation, and response capabilities with LogRhythm Axon’s intuitive tools.
  • Execute Seamlessly: Surface critical threats with LogRhythm Axon’s powerful analytics and simplified incident response tools.

“At LogRhythm, we are committed to empowering our customers with innovative security solutions that streamline their operations and bolster their defenses,” said Gary Abad, VP of Global Channels at LogRhythm. “RedLegg’s expertise in managed security, combined with the capabilities of LogRhythm Axon, will provide organizations with a powerful joint solution to simplify their security operations and improve their overall security posture.”

To learn more about LogRhythm’s partnerships, please visit:  https://logrhythm.com/partners/partner-program/ 

About LogRhythm
LogRhythm helps security teams stop breaches by turning disconnected data and signals into trustworthy insights. From connecting the dots across diverse log and threat intelligence sources to using sophisticated machine learning that spots suspicious anomalies in network traffic and user behavior, LogRhythm accurately pinpoints cyberthreats and empowers professionals to respond with speed and efficiency. 

With cloud-native and self-hosted deployment flexibility, out-of-the-box integrations, and advisory services, LogRhythm makes it easy to realize value quickly and adapt to an ever-evolving threat landscape. Together, LogRhythm and our customers confidently monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyberattacks. Learn more at logrhythm.com.

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