Mexico Telecom Partners joins the exclusive Fermaca Fiber Partners program: United to Revolutionize Telecommunications with Technological Innovation

MEXICO CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mexico Telecom Partners, a leading telecommunications infrastructure company, has taken a significant step by joining the Fermaca Fiber Partners program. This alliance heralds a new chapter of innovation in the telecommunications sector, merging the capabilities of two of the most prominent companies in the industry.

The recent addition to the ‘Fermaca Fiber Partners’ program enables the integration of holistic solutions ranging from dark fiber infrastructure to micro-edge data center services and telecommunications towers.

With a vision that transcends conventional connectivity, Mexico Telecom Partners and Fermaca are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that address the present and future connectivity needs in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. This alliance will not only strengthen telecommunications infrastructure in Mexico but also open up new opportunities for growth and economic development throughout the country.

Furthermore, this collaboration aligns with the growing trend of nearshoring in the region, where Mexico is becoming a preferred destination for companies looking to outsource services close to their core operations. With advanced telecommunications infrastructure provided by Fermaca Networks and Mexico Telecom Partners, companies can leverage nearshoring advantages to drive Mexico’s growth.

“Fermaca Networks understands the need to connect with other networks to provide our clients with the ability to reach any desired major destination and any other point of interconnection and convergence of primary connectivity. Our unique approach of offering comprehensive and simplified solutions to our clients through the Fermaca Fiber Partners Program proves to be a powerful offering in the market. We are proud to have MTP join the program and our efforts to better serve the industry.” – Daniel Elguea, CEO Fermaca Networks

“Now is the time to create synergies of this magnitude to consolidate ourselves as an industry in Mexico,” expressed Jose Sola, CEO of Mexico Telecom Partners.

For more information about Fermaca Networks, Mexico Telecom Partners, and the Fermaca Fiber Partners program, visit & or contact Arcadio Valenzuela at, Director of Investor Relations, or Manuel Calvillo G at, Project Coordinator, Fermaca Networks.


Arcadio Valenzuela

Director of Investor Relations

Manuel Calvillo G

Project Coordinator, Fermaca Networks

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