QuantHealth Appoints Esteemed Pharmaceutical Executives to Inaugural Advisory Board

Leveraging Decades of Experience at AbbVie, Novartis and Biogen, This Advisory Board Will Advocate for AI Integration Within Clinical Trials 

Tel Aviv, Israel, April 16, 2024 –  QuantHealth, an AI-powered clinical trial design company, today announced the formation of its inaugural Advisory Board. Founding members Michel Vounatsos, former CEO of Biogen, Rob Scott, former Chief Medical Officer for AbbVie, and Christian Hein, former VP, Global Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation Execution at Novartis, will bring their decades of pharmaceutical experience to provide strategic guidance to QuantHealth. The board members will help support the development and deployment of the company’s core platform services to propel the greater life sciences sector forward. 

“I’ve had a front row seat to the evolution of drug development over the past 40 years. Within those forty years, one thing has remained constant: the search to make clinical trials more affordable and predictable,” said Rob Scott, Former Chief Medical Officer at AbbVie. “I’m thrilled to play a role in reducing this burden and help the industry save time and money by partnering with some of the greatest minds in the industry – all committed to using AI to advance drug development.” 

90 percent of drugs in clinical development stumble before reaching the market—costing the industry a staggering $45 billion each year. QuantHealth envisions a world where clinical trial simulations and synthetic trials are an integral part of every trial’s design process and regulatory path. The assembly of this advisory board underscores the company’s commitment to addressing the changing needs and challenges of the industry by democratizing data to fuel clinical trial development at-large.

“The emergence of innovative tools is accelerating the pace of breakthroughs in scientific discovery like we have never seen before,” stated Christian Hein, former VP, Global Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation Execution at Novartis. “QuantHealth’s technology is a transformative force in drug R&D, especially for tackling previously unsolvable problems. Their approach, in particular, has the potential to revolutionize clinical trial design, which is currently a major cost hurdle in healthcare.”

QuantHealth’s dataset is trained on more than a trillion data points sourced from more than 350 million patients, 700,000 drug entities, and 180,000 clinical trials. By running tens of thousands of protocol variations, they have unlocked impressive results and have been able to predict trial outcomes with 85 percent accuracy in over 80 clinical trials, harnessing the power of AI to increase target populations, reduce study durations, reduce trial size, and improve efficacy and outcomes. 

“In today’s life sciences landscape, staying ahead of the curve requires not just cutting-edge products, but also a deep understanding of our customers’ evolving challenges,” said Orr Inbar, CEO and Co-Founder of QuantHealth. “This collaboration will undoubtedly accelerate innovation and empower QuantHealth to strengthen our ability to anticipate the industry’s pain points to translate them into actionable solutions to share with the life sciences industry. It is a privilege to have such a renowned team of leaders join our network.”

These new appointments come on the heels of QuantHealth’s appointment of Dr. Adam Petrich, MD, as the company’s first Chief Medical Officer and Adam Goldberger as Chief Financial Officer. The company also recently secured a strategic investment from Accenture Ventures and participation from a leading CRO firm and additional investors, bringing its total funding to date to $22M. 

About QuantHealth

90% of drugs fail the clinical stage, representing a direct $45B annual waste to pharma companies. To address this challenge at its core, QuantHealth’s Clinical-Simulator predicts how each patient in a clinical trial will respond to treatment, allowing trial design teams to predict how an entire clinical trial will play out and adapt accordingly. Based on its novel AI engine and a vast dataset of 350m patients and over 700K therapeutics, QuantHealth’s simulator can predict clinical trial results with high accuracy, allowing users to answer mission-critical questions such as trial go/no-go, cohort optimization, drug repurposing, and more. QuantHealth was founded by healthcare experts who led commercial, product, and data science at various leading companies in the US and Israel. QuantHealth is backed by expert Life-Science investors in the US, Europe, and Israel and is supported by an advisory board of physicians and scientists from leading academic institutions. To learn more, visit https://quanthealth.ai/.

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