Microsoft Serial Console How to fix a ‘broken’ Cloud

Artificial intelligence will play a huge role in improving human decisions, and thereby make people much more advanced that it is now. Economically, artificial intelligence or augmented intelligence will redefine the way people nowadays think about jobs in many sectors. In fact, humans and machines working together cognitively will give rise to newer industries that cannot be even conceived at this stage. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has come up with the all new serial console to rectify the problem of broken clouds. This is simply a whole concept of collaborative sharing, which will be an innovative step in knowledge banking.

The console is ideal for both Windows Virtual Machines and Linux

The all new serial console by Microsoft has been released in March and is ideal for both Windows Virtual Machines (VM) and Linux. Basically, it is an advanced console interface that is based on the Microsoft technology. The whole platform can be operated through a control screen, which will enable the developers of cloud technologies to manage the machines on the Azure platform. Apart from the normal cloud-related operations and management, the advanced platform is also meant for fixing broken clouds or related problems. Here is an insight into how the console is effective in resolving the problems related to the cloud platforms.

In simple terms, broken clouds denote virtual cloud-based machines that have experienced some problems or are malfunctioning. There are various reasons why these cloud-based platforms may start to malfunction. Some of the probable reasons are problems in misconfiguration procedures, network changes, and misconfiguration of cloud firewall processes. This may lead to faulty file systems, incorrect table syntaxes and inaccessible cloud platforms. The console repairs these broken clouds through different tools, such as configuration management, secure VMs, patch management, automation, SSH/RDP connectivity and so on. It also provides support for advanced development tools, such as Puppet, Chef and Ansible.

It will be based on a variety of advanced configurations

According to Microsoft, the advanced technology of the console will be an extremely easy process. It will be like a keyboard that is plugged into the Azure data centre server. However, it can be used at home or at offices. The console has been developed on a very advanced platform. It has been configured from a wide range of Linux distros, which will be supported on Azure. Some of the key configurations include Ubuntu, CentOS, CoreOS, Oracle Linux, Red Hat, and SuSE and so on. All these will ensure that the damaged cloud components are easily repaired.

When it comes to gaming technology, cloud platforms have started to become quite popular. If you log on to premier casinos like Spinzwin, you will find that several online slots UK are based on the cloud platform. As a result, it is important that the platform stays free from any glitches. Hopefully, the new console from Microsoft will do a great help to provide a seamless performance of cloud-based platforms and help users in a significant way.

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