IBM Developing World’s Smallest Computer

The main business vision of IBM is to offer seamless solutions and high-end products to cater to provide clients with the best of services. The company also puts emphasis on timely product delivery and effective cost reduction. All these advanced solutions are offered by the skilled professionals employed by the company. The company has always been a touch above the competitors, starting from the first computer to the latest software platforms. And now they are producing the smallest computer in the world, which will be even smaller than a grain of salt. Imagine the innovation and technology involved to create such a product!

The smallest computer will be even smaller than a grain of salt

IBM also is known for imparting expert knowledge to make the audience people aware of the changing needs and trends in the e-commerce, ITES and software development segments. Thanks to the cutting-edge services, IBM has always been the recipient of prestigious global awards and certifications. This innovation will also become an epitome of success and serve as a huge example in the world of technology. The computer will cost even lesser than 10¢ and yet be far more powerful than the previous computer systems across the globe.

In this fast-moving age, technical help is always required in almost everywhere. Innovation is always taking place in different spheres.  From the personal assistant tools on smartphones to IBM’s latest computer systems, you always need help from machines. Computers have evolved from the brick-and-mortar avatars to organic entities to make jobs easier and smarter. People today are so aligned and associated with machines and they all love to interact with them just the way with fellow humans. From the first supercomputer to the latest cognitive machines, technology has led to significant changes in the quality of life. At IBM, it has always been the endeavour to keep pace and support this ever-changing technical advancement to improve human life.

It will cost even lesser than 10¢

To set a milestone in artificial intelligence, IBM has come up with the concept of creating the world’s smallest computer. It is just 1mm x 1mm in dimensions and has advanced features like solar cells, million transistors, and high-end communications modules. Industries worldwide are expected to enhance the development of cognitive computer systems through this innovative device to analyse and interpret data. The computer will also use augmented intelligence to analyse big data and come up with the most updated information.

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