5 Apps Every HR Department Should Be Using

The job of the HR department is not an easy one, but it is possible to make it a lot less hard, thanks to modern technology. On that note, today we are going to discuss five applications that are meant to do just that: make the job of the HR department, a little easier than usual.


Finding the right person for any given job is often the toughest ask from the HR department, so Mettl helps out with the evaluation by providing a secure, SaaS platform. It provides multiple tests for psychometric assessments, aptitude measurement, job-specific quizzes (IT & non-IT) and the like while making sure that everything is fair by recording both the examinees and the examiners via webcam throughout the entire duration of every test.

Staff Heroes

Staff Heroes is one of the more popular HR apps in the UK that is currently being used by BBC, Wembley, Marriott, Hilton and several other big names in the industry for finding and hiring temporary staff on the fly. There’s no agency for the HR department to go through and the posting of the job details can be completed in just three easy steps. The interface makes it particularly easy to connect with the kind of employee you are looking for and the popularity of Staff Heroes makes sure that there is always a bunch of potential candidates for the HR to choose from.

Uber Conference

One of the biggest drawbacks of a conference call where people from different locations are joining in is that it often becomes erratic and communication is hard to make sense of in the confusion. Uber Conference seeks to eliminate all that by introducing a free web client-based platform. The dashboard displays how many numbers are connected to the conference and which of the callers are speaking in real time to clear up any possible confusions. Users can also share files, screens and social media details.


Whether it is about addressing employees in a department, attracting attention in a tradeshow, or giving a presentation during a campus placement, Prezi can be an effective app for the HR professional to use. In fact, it is deemed to be even more effective and useful as a crowd presentation app than Google Slideshare, Aio Remote, and Mighty. What makes Prezi particularly unique is a feature which lets the user skip slide flicking and present the whole idea as a case canvas to decrease any chances of losing the attention of the crowd.

Google Keep

The final HR-friendly application on our list comes from the mighty Google and it’s definitely one of the best on the list for what it does. Google Keep is a note-taking app that comes with a ton of features. HR professionals can use it to create to-do lists, set reminders, record voice notes and a lot more. In addition to allowing the user to take, edit and save notes for use and access them anywhere, Google Keep also allows for note sharing and seamless syncing across the apps in G Suite. Admittedly, Google Keep isn’t the most versatile option when it comes to formatting and refining, but it’s a constantly evolving app that will probably become the best in business, just like most of the other apps from Google. A few honourable mentions that did not make it onto the list include Yammar (private communication in between agencies), LastPass (password manager), and Peakon (improves decision making). In case no one in your HR department is using any of the apps we just discussed, it’s actually a hindrance because being ignorant of technology that can help you is counterproductive for the business you are working to improve.

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