How Quality Inspection Software Can Improve Product Manufacturing

Anyone who has spent time researching and developing a product knows that along with all the hours and effort that go into it comes a lot of passion and pride. It might be a drug that will improve people’s lives, a tool to help workers do their job, or an item that consumers will use every day. But in order to release a product and have a chance show the world how great it is, you first need to make sure it will pass a quality control inspection. There’s where the product invested all that passion and pride in comes under fire, and it’s going to have to be almost-perfect to pass. Thankfully, inspection software is available here to help you and your team get everything right from the start.

In order to make sure your products will pass quality control inspections, you need to ensure proper conditions and procedures at the production facility. Auditing and inspecting these factories to ensure they meet your rigorous standards is a critical step toward perfect product, but there’s still a chance that issues will slip through the cracks and cause your product to be rejected or labeled as unsafe.

To prevent that worst-case scenario, your inspectors should:

  1. Know what they’re looking for, and be capable of tacking mistakes to their source
  2. Understand and perform the proper corrective actions in response to detected defects
  3. Easily report the problem in order to prevent future nonconformities

Unless inspectors are capable of doing these things, you can never be sure that the product you love will be given its best chance at a successful future.

Take the biopharmaceutical company Ocular Theraputix, for example. They recently faced similar troubles with the FDA over manufacturing issues with their new drug Dextenza. The drug makes eye surgery recovery less burdensome on patients and provides physicians greater control over post-surgery steroid administration. Unfortunately, it’s been set back and rejected repeatedly due to ineffective inspection procedures.

Inspections that fail to detect nonconformities, and prevent products from reaching an Acceptable Quality Level (AQL), can have a devastating impact on the creation you’ve worked so hard to perfect.

The good news is, simply introducing quality control software into your process can go a long way toward giving your product its best chance at success. QC software is easy-to-use and provides inspectors with all the information they need to detect, correct, and prevent nonconformities through mobile forms technology.

Also, implementing QC software will ensure that your inspections are more effective, your employees are better trained, and your response plans are more efficient than ever. Even better, you’ll avoid the bad press that comes along with failed inspections while demonstrating a sincere commitment to your company’s quality standards. Finally, inspection software helps you implement a documentation management program, so you can be sure that every QC inspection is ready and available to prove your compliance when necessary.

No one wants their product to struggle on its last step toward success. Inspection software can help catch and correct mistakes before they become deal breakers, damage your brand, or result in critical failures.

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