Multi-Purpose SMS Software for Instant Messaging from Intis Telecom

It is sometimes difficult for programmers to establish an efficient communication within the team. It doesn’t matter how many people work together; a single message “lost in the channel” may cause a big trouble to the web team. Therefore, it is critically important to establish a system of immediate messaging, where any member of a team could send notifications, reports, requests, and messages, and have them delivered in a few seconds.

A multi-purpose SMS software by Intis Telecom

A multi-purpose SMS software by Intis Telecom has been created with the sole purpose to ease the communication between programmers (like junior, middle or senior) so that all the messages reach their destination quickly and with no limits or restrictions.  The solution has already proved to be helpful in the IT business. Thus, with the help of a software, a person can

  • Send HLR requests;
  • Gather/ send status reposts;
  • Work with SDK for Java, PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, and Perl;
  • Create/ send requests;
  • Track workflows.

Among other features of a solution are the ability of a user to debug own software, integrate the system with all major CMS, and have unlimited testing access to any environment. On the top of that, the platform assures absolutely safety for its users so that any third party can read your messages and monitor your work.

For the maximum comfort, the software developers of Intis Telecom have enabled the functionality of bulk SMS sending. In other words, a user can send a message to a whole department, having previously created a group of receivers. This functionality saves a lot of time since there is no need to send the same notification several times.

A perfect tool for your business

The service of instant messaging by Intis Telecom is a good tool to use for businesses of any size and field of action. What is more, there are no geolocation restrictions on how “far messages can go.” Intis Telecom work with many providers worldwide, with every direction being backed up with several routes. So the risk of having a blackout is minimal. Furthermore, owing to the intuitive interface of a platform, it is simply impossible to get lost in how the system works and how to use it. Everything is simple, fast, and easy to apply. Therefore, it is no surprise that programmers of over 500 companies around the world are actively using the software in their work. Searching for a way to ease your corporate communication in a team of programmers? Then it’s time to start using Intis Telecom solution!

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