You can Now Plan Routes Effectively with our GPS Services

Using our GPS fleet management solutions are a complete package that confers many benefits to your business. For instance, they can enhance data tracking and help with the best route identification. The reason is that when you use our tools to plan, you reduce operational inefficiency and avoid fuel wastage. Additionally, they will help reduce driver expenses while in transit. Read on to find out how enhanced route planning will benefit your business.

Choose the Best Route

Choosing the shortest and most optimal transportation route is essential if you want them to succeed in their duties. Using our solution enables staff to make realtime adjustments so that they can avoid hectic traffic jams that could delay their journey and waste fuel. Additionally, such choice will help to reduce excessive wear and tear on vehicles.

Efficient Scheduling 

Efficiency characterizes all sound fleet management. By utilizing our GPS services, you can enhance driver efficiency by selecting the right driver for the job. Also, you can use their smartphones to get all the data necessary for decision-making. This way, you can decide if you need more staff for a particular task and reduce overtime.

Determine what Works Best

Effective fleet management requires precision, and hence, eliminating guesswork. Using our solutions can help managers in planning workflow, allocating vehicles properly, using resources in the most optimal way, and overseeing workloads. Additionally, the availability of accurate and timely data from the central data hub allows them to know what works best and what doesn’t, so they can make informed and timely operational decisions. For instance, such information can help managers to know which routes to avoid or use at particular times.

Reduced Fuel and Repair Costs

Using a particular route is an effective approach to saving costs, since longer paths’ selection causes losses due to increased fuel consumption. For instance, proper route planning will help a manager to know and instruct his drivers to avoid certain routes during rush hours because their continued stay in traffic jams wastes fuel. Additionally, such moves reduce unnecessary vehicle usage, meaning that the company will spend less money on avoidable repairs.

Improved Driver and Fleet Safety

Lastly, improved route planning will ensure selection and preference of only safe routes, easier handled by drivers with less stress as opposed to when they bump into stressful driving conditions like snarling traffic jams. This way, the chances of causing an accident are reduced, since they are driving with composure.

You get these benefits when you use our GPS tools for transportation route planning. In the near future, you are also going to enjoy more benefits when we launch our fleet management functional, which will include cost management, route administration, task logistics (assigning tasks to field workers), family locator, and other niche features to make your experience more attractive and universal.

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