5 Tips for Becoming a Better Attorney

Whether you just started working at your first firm or you’ve been engaged in the art of litigation for many years, chances are there are a few steps you can take to get even better at your job. Being a good attorney is all about making the right judgement calls, having an agreeable personality, and knowing which approaches to take within the context of each individual case. With that said, here are five tips you can use to become a better attorney:

1. Speak to a Law Consultant

According to industry-leading law consultant Ed Poll, engaging in frequent consultations with more experienced attorneys is the most reliable way to sharpen your skills and gain applicable knowledge that’s tailored to the specifics of your current case. Having a consultant on standby to help you make better decisions on a bespoke basis will give you a pro in your corner that you can always count on to point you in the right direction.

2. Choose the Right Clients

Dealing with problematic clients can be stressful and damaging to your career because you could wind up wasting time with people or cases that are setting you up for failure. This means you should take your time in assessing the details and prognosis of each client and case before you agree to represent them.

3. Understand That Existing Clients are Your Best Prospects

When you’re trying to scale up your law firm and take on more cases, it can be easy to look everywhere else other than your own client base. Statistically speaking, repeat business is the biggest source of income for most attorneys. Instead of focusing solely on getting more clients, try to keep your existing clients satisfied enough to lean towards your services in the future.

4. Be Respectful to Clerks and Staff

Having court clerks and clerical staff at your firm on your bad side is never a good idea. While you might think you’re just “being assertive” or “pushing the issue,” being overbearing or rude to court personnel or firm co-workers can put you in a bind more often than not. Remember, these people are responsible for many of the clerical tasks that complete your representation, so without their cooperation, you’re going to have a very hard time.

5. Be Creative and Don’t Apply a Formulaic Approach

Good attorneys know that there’s a never a one-size-fits-all approach for any two clients. Instead, it’s important to examine all options and act strategically to facilitate the best possible outcomes in each case. Try to come up with a suitable game plan after your initial consultation with the client and don’t be afraid to consider adjustments later on as new details emerge.

Work on Organization and Punctuality

Nobody likes to feel like they’re being ignored or like their case is being given minimum attention.  Thus, one more thing you can do to impress your current clients and promote future business is to be more organized in the way you respond to queries, provide advice, and honor your scheduled commitments.

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