The Best All-In-One Software For Your Business

Did you know that almost 96% of businesses waste money on software they don’t even use according to a recent survey? This is an alarming statistic, as enterprise software seldom comes cheap and serves as an integral component of a company’s daily operations.

Traditionally, businesses purchase software for specific organizational processes. The problem here is that, even if you buy the best-in-class version of that software, it doesn’t always equate to the best way to spend your money. This is because there’s an emerging alternative that more often than not proves to be a superior solution. It’s known as all-in-one software, and its purpose is to serve a variety of functions on a single platform.

There are many benefits to all-in-one software. In addition to being more cost effective than buying software for each of its functions, you’ll also have a central space in which your operations can be run, allowing you to flow seamlessly between tasks and facilitate better collaboration between team members. Let’s take a look at some of the best all-in-one software for businesses today.


Human resources is a critical business function that involves a number of crucial processes, and Namely aims to compile these processes into a single platform, allowing companies to seamlessly handle all aspects of the HR function. The software achieves this by creating a centralized database for managing employees.

You can handle administration and compliance processes, pay salaries, clock employee hours and much more. There’s also an automation feature that allows you to automate approvals for a variety of time-consuming tasks, such as promotions, off-days and salaries. Additionally, Namely handles onboarding, performance reviews and employee goals.

Altium Designer

If your company is in the tech sector, you’re likely familiar with the plethora of tools that are necessary to produce electronic device designs. They’re never cheap and they often solve only one of many problems.

Altium Designer is an exception to this rule, which is why it’s regarded the top pcb design software on the market. It’s a comprehensive pcb design package that features all the tools you need to bring your products from concept to reality.

Agile CRM

CRM (customer relationship management) software is becoming increasingly popular as of late. Agile CRM is a cloud-based version that aims to provide a central platform upon which you can automate your marketing and sales activities.

In addition to offering a variety of marketing and sales features, Agile CRM also includes customer service, enabling your support agents to deal with customer requests on the same tool you use for tracking deals, scheduling appointments, generating email campaigns and tracking analytics, among a plethora of other tasks.


Celoxis serves as an all-in-one platform for work collaboration and project management. This software offers a comprehensive way to manage your clients, resources, processes, portfolios, costs and revenues.

You can even use Celoxis to build your own apps for handling workflows based on the specific needs of your business. Like Agile CRM, it is available as a cloud-based version to further offset costs and improve the efficiency of your business.

These tools are more than a wise investment. The amount of time, money and energy they’ll save your business makes them worth their small asking prices.

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