5 Reasons Your Business Needs To Use AI

By Dennis McKonkie

Not so long ago artificial intelligence was limited to science fiction and chess-playing computers. Today, it is taking an ever-increasing role in all our lives. Your business needs to take AI seriously and start planning for how to harness it. Read on for five reasons why every business needs to be using AI in 2019.

1) It Can Bring Together Disparate Systems

Modern businesses use all sorts of systems to help them operate. For example, you may have communication applications, customer relationship management tools, website analytics systems and more. These systems all offer insights that can help drive decisions, but they don’t talk to each other. AI can bring together all these systems can produce useful insights based on the data.

In fact, microservice architecture uses this idea to build better applications. Rather than an application being a monolithic code body, it instead can be several smaller applications working together. Learning what are microservices and how they can benefit your business will help you to better implement your AI strategy.

2) It is Cost-Efficient

Artificial intelligence can save time and money by automating routine processes. This means that humans have more time to focus on the advanced decision-making that computers aren’t as capable at. AI can be more productive than people and is significantly more scalable. There are many processes that won’t benefit from AI, but those that can become significantly more cost-efficient.

In a lot of ways, artificial intelligence will redefine what human work looks like. Harnessed correctly, AI can be a powerful tool to enable more streamlined work.

3) It Doesn’t Make Mistakes

Artificial intelligence isn’t perfect and can be inaccurate at time. However, it doesn’t make mistakes in the same way that humans do. Computer systems are consistent and, if they are malfunctioning, it is usually a consistent issue that can be fixed. Humans, on the other hand, sometimes make mistakes simply because they are distracted. AI doesn’t get tired, stressed or distracted.

Of course, the downside of this is that AI design flaws can go unnoticed for a long time. Humans can realize that they were doing something wrong and fix their work. AI, on the other hand, normally needs to be updated by a designer. Businesses need to be prepared to incorporate human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

4) It Can Take on Oceans of Data

Many businesses are striving to use more data in their decision-making processes. This can be challenging for humans who get lost in the enormity of the data set. AI can take on any amount of data with enough processing resources. Therefore, it can mine seemingly overwhelming amounts of information for useful insights.

AI-driven data mining is already a reality in the big data world. As new systems are invented and computing costs continue to come down, every business will have access to these insights. Whereas before data analysis was a costly proposition, in the near future it will be very accessible thanks to artificial intelligence.

5) It Can Make Products and Services Smarter

Products and services can often be improved using artificial intelligence. For example, many smartphones now include an AI assistant to make interactions easier. The same concept is being used for support chat services. Businesses can significantly increase the value they offer to their customers by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

Even less tech-heavy products can benefit. For example, many vehicles use AI to help manage everything from power-delivery to emissions. Some cars are even driving themselves. Smart products are the way of the future and businesses need to invest in them.

Consider how artificial intelligence will play a role in your business’ future. Advances are being made every day. So, you need to create a plan to harness these new technologies. Your business could run more efficiently and offer superior products and services. It is time to start learning about how AI can help your business.

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